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Dall-E Mini: AI Artist Who Can Convert Any Text To Image​

Price: Free
User Count:211K
Publish Time: January 2021

Jasper AI: AI Writer And AI Painter Who Thinks Like a Human

Price: 40$/mo
User Count:70K+
Publish Time: Jan 2021

ChatGPT: Best AI Chatbot from Open AI GPT-3

Price: Free
User Count:5M+
Publish Time: November 30, 2022


Artificial intelligence tools are machines that can continuously learn and optimize a large amount of data. It is a role that users can ask AI tools to make presets according to customized needs.

There are various types of AI tools, and broad categories can be broken down into:

  • Word processing tool
  • Sound processing tools
  • Image processing tool
  • Video processing tool

OpenAI launched ChatGPT when GPT-3 appeared, and the ways you can use AI are:

  1. Intelligent dialogue
  2. Write an article
  3. Edit code or find bugs
  4. Find information
  5. Edit music
  6. Image generation
  7. Provide recipes
  8. Write poetry
  9. Translate text
  10. Edit plan