Moises APP: The Most Popular AI Music Partner

What is Moises APP?

Moises APP is an online AI music software created by Geraldo Ramos in 2019, which features a range of audio processing functions such as separating tracks, adjusting vocals, and even acting as an electronic beat maker. Its aim is to help musicians, producers, and DJs enhance their music skills and unleash their creative potential. With its powerful audio processing capabilities, Moises APP has gained wide popularity and currently boasts a user base of 25 million. Its slogan of inspiring creative potential speaks to its appeal, and its functionality has made it a must-have tool for music enthusiasts worldwide.

Price: Starting free
Tag: Video Editor, AI Lyrics GeneratorAI Rap Generator
Release time:2019
Developer(s):Geraldo Ramos

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Functions of Moises AI App

  • Audio Separation: Moises can remove vocals, background sounds and instruments from any song, providing users with high-quality backing music
  • Multiple file formats supported: Users can download edited audio in multiple file formats such as MP3, M4A and WAV
  • One-click vocal adjustment: Moises uses AI technology to directly change the human voice into the voice of the user’s favorite singer
  • Automatic pitch analysis: Moises analyzes the pitch of any song and helps users match the right accompaniment
  • Automatic chord detection: analyze chord attributes for users to help users create better
  • Smart Metronome: Moises can be used as an electronic metronome to help users master the rhythm of music

Moises APP

Moises App is a client developed for mobile device users, which can be downloaded and used on Apple phones, Android phones, iPads and other devices.

Moises APK Download

Moises App is available for download on various platforms, including the App Store, G-play, and the official Moises website. Users can choose the platform that corresponds to their mobile device operating system, with iOS users downloading the app from the App Store, and Android users downloading it from G-play.

Moises Online

Moises Online is a web-based version of Moises that does not require the installation of any client software to use. By simply visiting the Moises website and clicking on “Sign up” , users can access the platform and its features directly from their web browser.

How to Register a Moises Account?

  1. Go to Moises official website, and click on the “sign up” button
  2. Read and accept the Moises terms of service and privacy policy
  3. Enter your email address and choose a password
  4. Click on “Register for free”
  5. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll have a Moises account

How to Login to Moises APP?

  1. Go to the official Moises  website and click on “Login”
  2. Enter your Moises account information or simply use your Google, Apple, or other accounts
  3. Once you’ve entered your account details, click “Login” and you’ll be all se

Moises APP Price








  • Separate audio
  • Free mix
  • Custom edit music
  • Slower processing

  • Unlimited music uploads
  • Faster processing
  • Uploaded audio can be up to 20 minutes long
  • Ability to isolate more instrument sounds
  • Unlimited use of Metronome
  • Real-time detection of chords
  • Ability to change pitch of any song, no pitch limit

Moises APP Reviews


I’ve been using Moises since the very beginning. I used the tool to extract the voice of the Brazilian Samba icon Beth Carvalho from one of her songs and used it on one of the tracks of her daughter’s album, Luana Carvalho. The result was a song infused with emotion that brought extreme satisfaction to the artist.

Miguel Carbajal
Miguel Carbajal

Honestly this is pretty fantastic. It’s what I’ve been looking for for years. I was mainly looking for an app that is able to create instrumentals of songs I like, it does that and so much more. And while there are many apps like that on here, this has a great elegant UI and doesn’t feature a bunch of intrusive ads. It also can do so much more than instrumentals like isolate the bass, vocals, drums etc and a lot more. It’s great!

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