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What is OpenAI Playground?

OpenAI Playground is an API platform specifically built for developers, highlighting various API services offered by OpenAI, including feature introductions, application examples, technical documentation, etc. It helps developers quickly familiarize themselves with the workings of OpenAI’s APIs and build their own applications.

Price: Free
Tag: GPT-3 API
Release time: August 2021
Developer(s): OpenAI

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Key features of OpenAI Playground

GPT-3 Playground

The GPT-3 Playground allows users to experience the functionality of the GPT-3 API at any time without needing to write any code. Simply input any command you wish to test, and the GPT-3 API will return the result. On June 11, 2020, OpenAI began offering the GPT-3 API to the public, and the GPT-3 Playground has helped many developers create well-known applications, such as Jasper AI.

API function introduction

This page provides an overview of all the APIs developed by OpenAI, including specific feature descriptions, application scenarios, building processes, and information on OpenAI API pricing. The following are included:

  • Text completion (based on GPT-3 API)
  • Code completion (based on GPT-3 API)
  • Image generation (based on DALL-E 2 API)
  • Fine-tuning (based on GPT-3 API)
  • Embeddings (based on GPT-3 API)


OpenAI prompts that the ChatGPT API is coming soon.

OpenAI API Pricing

The pricing information for the OpenAI API platform is not publicly disclosed. If you need to learn more about the pricing, you can contact OpenAI’s sales team on this page.

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