MIDI-GPT: Free AI Music Generator

What is MIDI-GPT?

MIDI-GPT is an AI-powered online music generator that was launched in November 2022. It is capable of generating MIDI files from natural language queries. MIDI-GPT is a fork of Repl37 that uses GPT-3.5-turbo and few-shot prompts to generate MIDI files from natural language. Currently, the track_name is the name of the exported MIDI file, which contains various information such as music tempo and rhythm. MIDI-GPT is open-source and free to use and modify. Users can avail of its services without any charge.

Price: Free
Tag: AI Music Generator
Release time: November 2022
Developer(s): MIDI-GPT



MIDI-GPT Features

  • With the help of AI technology, MIDI-GPT can automatically generate music from text
  • The MIDI-GPT technology model is trained on a dataset of over 400,000 songs and can generate tracks very similar to those created by humans
  • Inspiration for musicians to write songs

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MIDI-GPT Pricing

MIDI-GPT is open source and free for anyone to use freely.

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