AI Voice Generator: 10 Best in 2023

AI has revolutionized the way we interact with technology, and the ai voice generator is no exception. By 2023, the best AI speech generators will deliver natural and expressive voices that can be customized to fit any project or brand. Whether you need to add voicemod to your youtube videos, try ai voice or deepfake voice, these 10 AI voice generators are worth checking out.

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What Is AI Voice Generator?

An AI speech generator is software that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to convert written text into spoken audio. These systems typically use machine learning algorithms to analyze and learn from large volumes of recorded human speech and can generate realistic and natural voice-overs in a variety of languages and accents. AI speech generators have a wide range of applications, from creating voice-overs for videos and podcasts, to developing virtual assistants and interactive phone systems.

AI Voice Generator can be divided into several types by function, including text to voice generator, robot voice generator, voice synthesizer and so on.

AI Voice Generator Functions

  1. Natural speech synthesis: AI Voice Generator can use advanced speech synthesis technology to realize the function of text to voice generator, and convert written text into natural and lifelike artificial voice output.
  2. Multi-language and multi-dialect support: AI Voice Generator can support multiple languages and dialects to meet the needs of users around the world.
  3. Voice personalization: AI Voice Generator allows users to customize the speech rate, pitch, emotion and other aspects of audio output to make the voice more suitable for specific scene needs.
  4. High-fidelity output: AI Voice Generator can output high-fidelity audio to provide more realistic voice output.
  5. API integration: AI Voice Generator can perform API integration with other applications and platforms to provide more comprehensive and flexible services.
  6. High-efficiency output: AI Voice Generator can generate audio quickly and efficiently to improve work efficiency and productivity.

10 Best AI Voice Generator

Murf is an AI speech generator that can generate natural and smooth artificial intelligence speech. It was developed by the Murf AI team in 2021, aiming to bring a new change to the field of speech synthesis through artificial intelligence technology.

Murf uses deep learning techniques to generate natural speech. Its underlying technology is based on the WaveNet algorithm, a neural network model capable of generating high-quality speech waveforms. Murf took this algorithm and optimized it to more closely mimic human speech.

Advantages over similar products: The advantage of Murf is that it can generate more realistic speech. Murf’s voice quality is so high it sounds like a real human voice. In addition, Murf’s user interface is also very simple and clear. Users only need to enter text and click the “Generate” button.

Murf Functions:

  • Video Voiceover: You can use Murf to add well-timed AI voiceovers to your videos to make them more engaging.
  • Voice Editing: Enter your recorded speech into Murf Studio and it will automatically transcribe the content into an editable text format that you can edit and revise.
  • Voice Cloning: You can create an AI robot voice in Murf, with optional vivid diction and full human emotion, and reproduce the nuances of human language.
  • Voice Changer: Murf also supports the AI Voice Changer feature, which converts raw recordings into professional-quality voiceovers with the voice of your choice. is an AI speech synthesis tool developed by Mahmoud Felfel in 2021. can convert text into natural, smooth speech audio. It can also help users quickly generate various types of voice content, such as e-books, courses, speeches, etc.

Advantages compared with similar products: Unlimited free previews of your generated audio in And, you have full commercial rights to the audio you generate. Functions:

  • Support audio file cloud storage.
  • Supports team collaboration, sharing and creating audio files.
  • Audio can be exported in MP3 and WAV formats.
  • You can embed the audio player widget provided by for your web pages and blog posts.

Resemble AI is n ai voice generator that provides speech synthesis services. It entered the market in 2019. It has Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Speech, neural audio editing, language dubbing and other technologies that allow you to create voices in seconds. Anthropomorphic voiceover.

Advantages over similar products: Resemble AI provides developers with a low-latency API that can use Resemble’s API to fetch existing content, create new clips, and even build audio on the fly.

Resemble AI Functions:

  • Add real human emotion to your voice.
  • Transform your voice into the intended voice with real-time speech-to-speech technology. Fine-grained control over every pronunciation and intonation inflection.
  • Supports six languages and multiple realistic tones.
  • Mix vocals and synthetic voices: use your real recordings and add synthetic content or seamlessly replace, add or remove any speech.

Voice AI is an online  robot voice generator released by Heath A Company in Shenzhen, China in 2018. It has excellent voice generation and celebrity voice changer functions, and focuses on imitating the voices of famous people or characters, providing gamers with and content creators to enhance the role-playing and voice-changing experience.

Advantages compared with similar products: Voice AI’s applications and games are very compatible, and it supports games such as Among Us, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, CS:GO, League of Legends and Discord, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Used in social applications such as WhatsApp.

Voice AI Functions:

  • Voice AI’s UGC voice library has more than 1000 different AI voices.
  • Provide API and SDK support for developers.
  • Voice Clone: Voice AI Voice Changer can imitate anyone’s voice.

Uberduck is an AI speech synthesizer that is very famous on TikTok, created by Will Luer and Zach Wener in late 2020. Uberduck supports imitating the voices of movie characters, famous artists, and YouTube hosts, as well as synthesizing new audio. People have written more than 150,000 original songs using Uberduck.

Advantages compared with similar products: Uberduck provides users with a completely open source voice AI community, so its creativity and experience are very high.

Uberduck Functions:

  • Over 5,000 expressive voices for AI voiceovers.
  • Provide API services.
  •  Supports voice cloning and speech synthesis.
  • Open source community turns AI research into creator tools.

Coqui is an open source AI speech project that aims to provide a high-quality, easy-to-use speech synthesis system that can be used to generate human-like speech for a variety of applications. Coqui uses deep learning techniques along with neural network architectures to generate speech waveforms that mimic the patterns and nuances of human speech. Coqui’s open source code has been adopted by many giant companies such as Microsoft, Spotify, and Google.

Advantages over similar products: Coqui’s main advantage is its ability to support speech generation in multiple languages and accents. This is achieved by training neural networks on large datasets of speech samples in different languages and dialects. Currently, the languages supported by Coqui include English, Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin.

Coqui Functions:

  • Support the design of personalized AI voice.
  • AI autonomous emotion and voice control.
  • Supports voice cloning and speech synthesis.
  • Advanced Sound Editor: Individually adjust pitch, loudness, and more for each sentence, word, or character.

Voice changer is a completely free AI voice generation website, developed by voice changer io company. Voice changers use deep learning algorithms called neural networks to generate speech. These networks are trained on large datasets of human speech and learn to recognize patterns in the data that correspond to various speech sounds. Once the network is trained, it can use the patterns it has learned to generate new speech based on text input.

Advantages over similar products: The voice changer can be used in a wide range of applications, such as virtual voice assistants, audiobook narration. It offers many advantages over traditional TTS voice systems, such as more natural-sounding speech and the ability to adjust speech rate and intonation according to context.

voice changer Functions:

  • Simple and easy-to-use web server.
  • Own full copyright of the audio you generate.
  • The professional sound library supports a large number of 35 female and 30 male different timbres, and can also be customized to generate timbres.

celebrity voice changer is one of the most popular AI voice generators in 2023 powered by Voice AI. Celebrity Voice Changer offers a variety of features and tools for voice customization, such as adjusting the pitch, speed and emphasis of your voice. Users can also choose from a variety of celebrity voice styles, from serious and professional to fun and playful. The celebrity voice changer’s technology is also based on deep learning, which enables it to generate high-quality human-like voices that mimic celebrities by analyzing and mimicking human speech patterns.

Advantages over similar products: The celebrity voice changer can simulate the voices of various celebrities to create customized voices for different applications and audiences.

celebrity voice changer Functions:

  • Choose from a library of over 900 sounds in over 142 different languages.
  • You can embed the audio player widget provided by Listnr for your web pages and blog posts.
  • Export audio files in WAV or MP3 format.

Lovo is a voice synthesizer that allows users to create natural-sounding ai voices for various purposes. It uses deep learning technology to synthesize realistic human-like voices, which can be used in video narration, podcasts, e-learning, audiobooks, etc. Its versatility, ease of use, and integration with other platforms make it a popular choice.

Advantages over similar products: Lovo has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create and edit voiceovers. Users can create high-quality audio simply by typing or pasting the text they want to convert to speech, selecting a speech, and adjusting settings.

Lovo Functions:

  • Voices generated by LOVO AI are of exceptional authenticity and high quality.
  • LOVO offers more than 400 different styles of voices in more than 100 languages.
  • One-stop video dubbing service
  • LOVO’s voice can express up to 25+ emotions.

deepfake voice generator is an AI voice generator especially suitable for voice cloning. It is based on a cutting-edge neural network architecture called a generative adversarial network (GAN), which enables it to learn the nuances of natural speech and reproduce highly realistic and expressive input speech. With deepfakes, users can generate custom character voices in minutes without the need for professional voice actors or expensive studio equipment.

Advantages over similar products: deepfake voice generator can imitate a wide range of voices, regardless of gender, age, language and accent. Ideal for filmmakers, game developers and other content creators.

deepfake voice generator Functions:

  • Synthesis creates sounds with impeccable quality.
  • Detail captures every nuance and emotion in the original voice.
  • Freedom to change content during the creative process without re-recording the original sound.


The development of AI speech generation technology allows us to hear more natural and real speech synthesis sounds. In this article, we introduce the current top 10 AI speech generators, each of which has its own characteristics and can be applied in different fields, bringing convenience to people’s life, work and entertainment.You may ask, is voicemod safe? At least in the AI Voice Generators we introduced today, developers strictly guarantee that user data will not be leaked or used for other purposes.

Although the AI speech generation technology is very mature, in the future development, we can look forward to the emergence of more efficient, intelligent and humanized speech synthesis technology, which will bring us a better speech generation experience, let us wait and see.

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