AI Music Generator: 10 Best in 2023

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, more and more maker music online appears in the market. These music generators can create new AI generated music by learning and analyzing the original music database, helping musicians, music producers and other music lovers to quickly create music with high quality and unique style. In this article, we will introduce 10 best AI Music Generators, which have excellent technical ability and excellent ai music creation ability, which can help users create amazing music works.

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What is AI Music Generator?

AI Music Generator is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to create music, and it can also be called ai song generator. They use machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and other AI techniques to analyze existing music, learn from it, and create new compositions that are similar in style, genre, and mood.

There are various types of AI music generators, some simple algorithms that can generate short melodies, some are random song lyric generators or rap song generators, and some have more complex systems that generate entire songs or even entire albums. Some song generators also allow users to customize aspects of the music, such as tempo, tempo, melody, and harmony.

AI Music Generator Features

The main function of AI Music Generator is to generate ai music of different genres.

  • Generating phonk music: Phonk is a subgenre of hip-hop and trap music that features vocals sampled from old Memphis rap tapes and samples from early 1990s hip-hop.
  • Generating hardstyle music: Hardstyle is an electronic dance music genre that emerged in the late 1990s.
  • Generating soft jazz music: Jazz is characterized by swing and blues notes, complex chords, calling and responding vocals, polyrhythms, and improvisation.
  • Generate piano relaxing music: This is a soft piano piece.
  • Generate youtube backround music: In fact, this is currently the most widely used field of AI Music Generator, including generating youtube meditation music, youtube royalty free music, easy listening music youtube and other types of music.

10 Best AI Music Generator

Maybe everyone’s attention to OpenAI is now on ChatGPT and its GPT-4 model, but OpenAI has also entered the field of ai music early, and MuseNet is their proud work. Originally released in 2019, MuseNet is a deep neural network modeled on GPT-2 that can play 10 different instruments and generate musical compositions up to 4 minutes long.

Correlation diagram of writers playing genres based on MuseNet

MuseNet Functions:

  • Imitate the music style of well-known composers: generate songs similar to Mozart style piano music, etc.
  • Fusion of different styles of music.
  • Each note is generated by computing the probabilities of all possible playing instruments.
Google Music Maker is a music maker free included in Chrome Music Lab. It is an easy-to-use AI music generating platform operated by Google. It integrates the functions of open source music projects such as Web Audio API, WebMIDI, and Tone.js.
Click the space to generate the corresponding notes to arrange the music

Google Music Maker Functions:

  • Learn music theory with fun, hands-on experiments.
  • Completely free and suitable for classroom learning.
  • Available on all platforms that support Chrome.

Amadeus Code is a powerful AI songwriting assistant that allows you to quickly create unlimited song drafts for free anytime, anywhere. You can download the Amadeus Code IOS application in the APP Store. Songs created using Amadeus Code are called amadeus songs and are very popular on the Internet.

Amadeus Code Functions:

  • Daily updated music library and template content.
  • Freely select the length of the created melody.
  • Freely convert DAW/MIDI file formats.

Soundraw is an ai song generator for creators. You only need to tell AI the keywords of the melody you want to hear, and Soundraw can create more than 10 tracks for you to choose from or continue to fine-tune within tens of seconds. Soundraw provides a free version of the service, you can try it with confidence.

Create unique music freely in Soundraw

Soundraw Functions:

  • You can create unlimited songs and download 50 songs per day.
  • generate youtube royalty free music.
  • Full commercial rights to generated songs are available.

Soundful is a music maker released in 2021 that allows you to create studio-quality tracks in seconds by simply selecting music genres and templates, suitable for making music for any purpose. Every song written and produced by Soundful AI will be unique even if you input the exact same commands.

Soundful can be applied to various purposes

Soundful Functions:

  • Support lyrics export and creative sharing.
  • More than 50 styles and templates to choose from.
  • Support audio download in MIDI/WAV/MP3 format.

Synthesizer V is an AI online audio synthesis tool released by Dreamtonics in 2018. Based on deep neural network technology, it can synthesize stunning high-quality singing voices. Compared with similar products, the advantage of Synthesizer V is that it can run independently and offline, which is more convenient for song creation anytime and anywhere.

Synthesizer has a huge sound material library

Synthesizer Functions:

  • Rich sound ray parameter control module.
  • Support singing voice visualized as a waveform, which is more convenient to modify.
  • Original cross-language synthesis technology, which can synthesize singing voices in multiple languages.

AIVA is a music creating assistant suitable for all kinds of people. It entered the market as early as 2016 and has continuously upgraded the technology iteratively. The songs created by AIVA have been approved by well-known companies such as NVIDIA, source music, TED and so on.

Song interface created by AIVA on YouTube

AIVA Functions:

  • Support applying multiple style templates to create music.
  • Ability to upload original audio tracks to use AI to create variants.
  • Provide WINDOWS, MacOS, LINUX version client download.

Ecret Music and Soundraw are products developed by the same company, but compared to Soundraw’s high degree of specialization, Ecret Music is more suitable for ordinary people to create meditation music youtube. Ecrett Music has accumulatively created up to 54M music clips.

Ecrett Music's user interface

Ecrett Music Functions:

  • You own all rights to the music you generate.
  • Provides cloud storage service for music clips.
  • Generated music is freely downloadable.

Boomy is also a very popular ai song generator in the AI Music industry. According to official statistics, Boomy users have created 13,404,388 songs, accounting for about 12.96% of the total number of recorded music songs in the world. Boomy also has an exclusive Dolby Atmos optimization feature, which makes it a leader in the sound quality of created songs.

Songs created by Boomy have their own Spotify playlists

Boomy Functions:

  • Suitable for 0-based people to try.
  • Produce original songs in a fraction of the time.
  • Provide a global artist community for uploading and sharing. uses advanced AI generation technology to create music based on specific emotions. It is suitable for creating background music that blends with the scene for your videos or blog posts, etc., and supports high-quality audio track export. It is used by Billboard, Rolling Stone, etc. companies concerned. Applicable Industries Functions:

  • Customize length, genre, mood and instrumentation to create music that is just yours.
  • Generated music is royalty free and available for commercial use
  • open user community.


That wraps up some of the most impressive and innovative AI music generators for 2023. From creating original compositions to remixing existing tracks, these tools are no longer limited to the mechanical execution commands of “write a song for you” in the past,Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with artificial intelligence in the music industry. With the ability to analyze data, recognize patterns, and learn from user input, these AI music generators are changing the way we make music. Although we can’t say that AI music is the best in music, as technology continues to develop, we can imagine how exciting AI-generated music will be.