Best AI Prompt Generator in 2023

AI Prompt Generators have become indispensable tools, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like natural language processing and machine learning to provide users with highly creative and inspiring text prompts. These tools are crucial for empowering AI systems, underscoring their growing importance.

This article presents 7 exceptional prompt generators catering to various categories, including drawing, random ideas, poems, art, songs, design, and fantasy.

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What is AI Prompt Generator

AI Prompt Generator is a text generation tool based on artificial intelligence technology. Its main function is to generate inspiring prompts or prompts to help users inspire inspiration and creativity. This technology has been widely used in the fields of natural language processing and machine learning. It can learn and train large-scale corpora through deep learning models to generate refined texts with certain coherence and grammatical accuracy.

The source of AI Prompt Generator can be traced back to the rapid development of natural language generation technology and application scenarios in recent years. A number of ai text-to-image generator/ai writing assistant quickly occupied the market, and AI Prompt Generator as a way to use these applications Apps that provide ai prompts appear.

AI Prompt Generator Functions

  • Can generate ai prompts covering all popular AI tools: chatgpt prompts, stable diffusion prompts, midjourney prompts, nsfw prompts, dall-e prompts….
  • Various types of prompts can be generated: dystopian prompts, angst prompts, funny prompts….
  • Generate ai prompts for various purposes: graphic design prompts, design prompts, picture prompts, email prompts, photography prompts….
  • Suitable for people of all ages and cultural levels: For those who have poor English vocabulary and want to try AI tools, the prompt maker can be of great help, such as picture prompts for kids and prompt book.

AI Prompt Generator Application Scenarios

  • best chatgpt prompts: Generate prompts that are most suitable for guiding chatgpt to complete tasks
  • best midjourney prompts: Let midjourney draw the picture that best meets your requirements
  • best dall-e prompts: guide dall-e to draw through prompts
  • stable diffusion prompts: Using Stable Diffusion, any image can be generated based on text, and prompts are the foundation of it all.
  • drawing prompt generator: generating random prompts or ideas to inspire artists and illustrators to create new artworks. These prompts may include a specific theme, object, emotion, or scenario that can serve as a starting point for the creative process.
  • Random prompt generator: Using a random prompt generator can help generate prompts for all AI tools, assisting you in finding the best ideal and quickly creating the content you desire.
  • Character prompt generator: this tool can help writers develop characters for their stories, novels, or other forms of fiction. These prompts can include details about a character’s appearance, personality traits, background, motivations, and relationships with other characters.
  • Nsfw prompt generator: It is a tool or resource that generates adult or explicit prompts or ideas to inspire writers of erotica, fan fiction, or other forms of NSFW (not safe for work) content.
  • Prompt javascript: Prompt JavaScript” is a method used in JavaScript programming to display a prompt box to the user, which allows the user to input data that can be used by the script.

AI Prompt Generator Shortlist

  1. ArtPrompts
  2. 52prompts
  3. Robert Peake
  4. Taskade Art Prompt Generator
  5. Song Topic Generator
  6. Sharpen
  7. Servicescape Writing Prompt Generator

7 Best AI Prompt Generator

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ArtPrompts Features:

  • Generate character prompt, environment prompt and other types
  • How-to articles related to AI ART and best prompts for ai art
  • Unlimited usage for free

52prompts is a popular random prompt generator that can generate random words of different lengths to inspire your creativity.

Awesome chatgpt prompts generated by 52prompts: Betrayal at a marina, written by ChatGPT

52prompts Features:

  • Provide prompt book and prompt base for reference.
  • Generate “writing prompts”, but they can actually be used for drawing, doodling, or sketching as well.
  • Random thesaurus updated weekly.

Robert Peake is a poetry prompt generator that is quite suitable for creators. Its biggest advantage is that in addition to generating keywords, it can also generate corresponding pictures to provide you with inspiration.

Prompt and Image randomly generated by Robert Peake

Robert Peake Features:

  • The way with pictures and texts helps you find writing ideas.
  • The number of prompts generated can be customized.
  • Included challenges to make your poetry writing more exciting.

Taskade Art Prompt Generator is a prompt generator funny with a wide range of applications. It combines the functions of midjourney prompt generator and Dall-E 2 prompt generator. It can provide a good way to break your creative stereotypes and think fresh and exciting inspiration.

Taskade Art Prompt Generator can generate a variety of prompts.

Taskade Features:

  • Inspire your creativity: Provides you with unique ideas and concepts that you may not have considered before.
  • Expand your horizons: We can introduce you to new ideas, topics and techniques that you may not have considered.
  • Save time and energy: Coming up with new ideas can be time-consuming, and you can experience a creative block. With Taskade Art Prompt Generator, you can save time and effort while still creating unique works of art.

Song Topic Generator is a song prompt generator for music creators that can provide you with some inspiration for songwriting and generate suggestions such as themes, chords, and melodies.

Song content suggestions generated by Song Topic Generator

Song Topic Generator Features:

  • Custom voice: Users can customize the voice according to their own needs, such as adjusting parameters such as speech rate, pitch and volume, and arranging special pronunciation of words, etc.
  • API interface: provides an API interface, which can be used in other applications.
  • Good Voice Quality:’s speech synthesis technology has good quality and naturalness.
  • Multiple output formats: can output audio files in various formats, including MP3, WAV and OGG, etc.
Sharpen homepage--generate design prompt with one click

For professional designers, the lack of inspiration and creativity is a terrible thing. Sharpen, a design prompt generator, is dedicated to providing designers with new creative inspiration and challenges.

Sharpen Features:

  • Generate prompts for 21 different categories.
  • You can customize and design your own character design prompt generator.
  • Sharpen offers NGSS courses to enhance your design skills.

Servicescape Writing Prompt Generator is the leader in generating fantasy prompts and can provide you with more than 1000 kinds of fantasy Story Ideas. You can also use it as a writing prompt generator for kids as it is also great for inspiration for writing fairy tales.

Guide text generated by Servicescape Writing Prompt Generator, written by ChatGPT.

Servicescape Writing Prompt Generator Features:

  • an ai prompt that can generate stories of different styles and types.
  • Long text prompts are generated to bring you more creative details.
  • Completely free and unlimited use.


With the continuous development and popularization of artificial intelligence technology, more and more people begin to use AI Prompt Generator to assist their creative work. Among the 7 AI Prompt Generators for different scenarios introduced in the article, each has unique features and functions to meet different needs of different people.

The emergence of these AI Prompt Generators provides creators with a brand new tool and idea, allowing them to create more easily and efficiently. Although AI Prompt Generator still has limitations in some aspects, with the continuous progress and development of technology, we believe that their application scope and role will become larger and larger, bringing us more surprises and help.

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