10 Best AI Art Generator by Now

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, more and more people have begun to explore how to use AI to generate works of art. AI Art Generator can utilize machine learning algorithms to create imaginative and unique works of art. In this article, we will introduce the current 10 best AI art generators that can create various forms of art, including paintings, pictures, etc. The emergence of these AI art generators has brought new possibilities to the field of art and made us rethink the way art is created.

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What is AI Art Generator?

AI Art Generator is different from tool artwork. It does not directly use painting tools, but a tool that uses artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning, deep learning or neural networks to create or generate artistic images, videos or other media. It originated from the early computer generated art. .

AI Art Generator can produce various styles and types of art, from abstract to realistic, from paintings to digital images.

The AI art generator can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating original artwork, cartoons paintings, or enhancing images and videos with special effects. AI art has grown in popularity in recent years, as advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning have made it easier to create and train more complex art generators.

Currently, the main forms of using ai created art are:

  • dnd art: dnd refers to the famous game “Dungeon and Dragon”. The main form of dnd art is dnd character art (d&d character art), which is based on the AI Art pictures generated by the characters in “Dungeon and Dragon”.
  • cartoons art styles: cartoons paintings.
  • clipart: ai can generate various types of collages, such as robot clipart, tools clipart, learning clipart, healthcare clipart, ipad clipart, etc.
  • nft generator art: used to generate a unique NFT identity avatar or picture.
  • Robot concept art: including robot models built with art ai or drawn compositions, etc.

AI Art Generator Features

  • ai art generator from text: Generate art pictures according to given prompts. With the emergence of art idea generator, random art prompt generator and artificial general intelligence of AI art creator, this technology is developing rapidly.
  • Style conversion: AI Art Generator can convert a picture into another picture with artistic style. This is the most commonly used function of AI Art Generator. For example, transform an ordinary photo into Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Picasso’s Abstract Style, Gothic Dark Arts, and more.
  • Painting generation: AI Art Generator can generate new works of art, such as paintings, sketches, color paintings, etc. Users can choose different styles such as modernism, classicism, romanticism, etc. for the painting.
  • Image Repair: AI Art Generator can repair damaged images. For example, for problems such as scratches, blur, and distortion in old photos, AI Art Generator can automatically repair them.

Personalized adjustment: ai artist Generator can make personalized adjustments according to the needs of users. For example, users can specify certain elements in a painting, such as colors, lines, strokes, and so on.

10 Best AI Art Generators

MidJourney is the most popular AI art creator nowadays. The developer of MidJourney has trained a series of neural networks using stable diffusion and computer vision technology, so that it can understand and imitate different styles of art works, and through self-evolution and iteration, create a new art form.

The generation process of midjourney ai art is based on GANs (Generative Adversarial Network) technology, and MidJourney also uses deep reinforcement learning technology to enable it to interact with users and continuously adjust and improve the generated works based on user feedback. Users can input some conditions and parameters through MidJourney’s interface, and MidJourney will generate artwork based on these inputs, and constantly adjust the generated results according to user feedback. On March 16, 2023, MidJourney released the V5 version, which is powerful enough to confuse real ones.

Highschool couple, holding hands, walking on mountains, watching sunset, cartoon style image generated by midjourney ai art generator V5 model.

MidJourney Functions:

  • Art creation: MidJourney is an ai art generator from text, which can automatically create various styles of art works according to Prompts.
  • Image style conversion: MidJourney can also convert the style of one image to another, such as converting a black and white photo to an impressionist painting.
  • Color adjustment: MidJourney can automatically adjust the color and contrast of the image to make the image more full and bright.

Released by the OpenAI research team in January 2022, Dall-E 2 is an upgraded version of Dall-E. Until MidJourney became popular, the Dall-E 2 was considered the leader in computer generated art. The system can generate creative and imaginative images covering a variety of different subjects and scenes.

Image of A Teddy Bear on a skateboard in Times Square generated by Dall-E 2

Dall-E 2 Functions:

  • Image generation: DALL-E 2 can generate images with unique creativity and style according to user input. Users can start the image generation function of DALL-E 2 by inputting text or keywords into the system, or directly uploading pictures or hand-painted patterns. Image Editing: DALL-E 2 also supports editing of generated images. Users can rotate, zoom, crop, adjust color, add special effects and other operations on the image to create their own unique image works.
  • Image classification: DALL-E 2 also has an image classification function, which can automatically classify the generated images into different subjects and scenes, such as animals, people, natural landscapes, etc. This function helps users to search and browse images generated by DALL-E 2 more conveniently.
  • Image retrieval: DALL-E 2 also supports image retrieval function. Users can input keywords or upload pictures, and DALL-E 2 will automatically search its image database to find relevant images. This feature makes it easier for users to find the image material they need.

Deep Dream Generator (DDG) is an AI art generator that uses a technique called Inceptionism. Deep Dream Generator was developed by Google engineer Alexander Mordvintsev. It works by feeding an image into a trained neural network and then generating dreamlike hyper-realism by enhancing and exaggerating the patterns and features in the original image. 

Vase with Twelve Sunflowers image generated by Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator Functions:

  • Artistic Style Transfer: Deep Dream Generator enhances and exaggerates patterns and features in the original image, transforming an ordinary photo into a work of art.
  • Image Enhancement: Deep Dream Generator can enhance the details and colors of an image to make it more vivid and interesting. Deep Dream Generator supports high-resolution images up to 4K.
  • Support large-scale image processing: users can process multiple images at a time through batch processing.
  • User Community: Users can share their generated images and view other users’ creations in the Deep Dream Generator community.

Nightcafe is also a leader in the field of AI art generators. It entered the market very early and was launched in November 2019. NightCafe AI Art Generator is available online for free on the web, and you can also download the NightCafe App on Android and iOS phones. It also generates images based on Prompts written by users, and users can obtain commercial copyrights for the generated images. NightCafe provides users with multiple options of functions and good user experience.

Nightsky Coherent Medium Medium Res image generated by Nightcafe

Nightcafe Functions:

  • Image generation: NightCafe can automatically generate various types of artistic images, including paintings, photos, and illustrations.
  • Art style selection: Users can choose the style of generated artwork, including impressionism, modernism, abstract art and other styles.
  • Personalized customization: Users can input instructions to modify the generated art pictures to a certain extent according to their own needs and preferences.
  • Buy artwork: Users can print or buy the generated artwork for commercial or personal use. Nightcafe offers home delivery.

Artbreeder is a very popular art generator in the field of avatar and portrait generation. Its predecessor is Ganbreeder, using StyleGAN and BigGAN models. AI Dungeon uses Artbreeder to generate profile pictures for its users.

Currently Artbreeder is only available online on the web, no artbreeder app is provided. It helps users generate various types of artwork, including photos, illustrations, and more. Artbreeder can also turn the images of people in your uploaded photos into animated characters.

Avatar generated with art breeder

Artbreeder Functions:

  • Style Mixing: Users can choose different art styles to mix to generate new styles.
  • Image synthesis: Users can select different elements, such as backgrounds, characters, objects, etc., to synthesize and generate brand new images.
  • Style Transformation: Users can transform a work of art into another style or form, such as transforming a portrait photo into a cartoon style or a watercolor style.
  • Image evolution: Users can evolve a work of art and generate a variant version to explore the possibilities of the work of art.
  • Creation based on material library: Users can use Artbreeder’s tools and material library to create a brand new artwork by themselves.

Dream AI is an artificial intelligence art generator developed by the wombo art team, which provides webpage online services and downloads of Dream AI IOS APP and Dream AI Android APP. Dream AI can transform any image or photo into an artistic image or photo, while preserving the content and structure of the original image. The generation effect of Dream AI is very realistic and vivid, which makes people feel like seeing a dream-like work of art. dream ai is considered to be one of the best nft art generators currently.

is AI art worth buying in 2021 image generated by Dream AI

Dream AI Functions:

  • Art creation: Users can use Prompts to let Dream AI create their own works of art.
  • Style Conversion: Users can convert original images or photos into images or photos in various artistic styles or color styles, such as Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, etc.
  • Background Transformation: Users can change the background of the original image or photo.
  • Image enhancement: Users can use Dream AI to enhance the quality and details of the original image or photo, such as enhancing color, contrast, and clarity.

Stablecog is a free open source AI Art website, its technology is based on Stable Diffusion, developed by SvelteKit company. Stablecog’s user interface is simple and easy to operate, creating realistic images in just a few steps.

A picture and its detailed parameters generated on Stablecog

Stablecog Functions:

  • Custom generation: Stablecog allows users to customize the style, color, pattern and other parameters of artwork generation.
  • Artwork recommendation: Stablecog will analyze user preferences and preferences through machine learning algorithms, and recommend art pictures that best suit their tastes to users.
  • Intelligent cropping: Stablecog can automatically crop out the optimal part according to the input image to generate more attractive artistic pictures.
  • Freely choose among 7 different Duffision models.

StarryAI uses machine learning algorithms to create unique and captivating digital art. The basis of the system is deep learning artificial intelligence and a deep neural network that has been trained on massive datasets of images, patterns and color schemes, enabling it to generate a wide variety of styles and designs. StarryAI’s technology provides artists with new tools to create, experiment and innovate.

Image of an overgrown castle generated by Starry AI

StarryAI Functions:

  • Multi-version support: web page online service, IOS and Android APP download.
  • Generate up to 5 images per day without watermark for free.
  • You can have full ownership of the pictures you create.
  • You can choose from a variety of different models, styles, aspect ratios and initial images to customize your image creations.

The Craiyon, formerly known as the Dall-E Mini, was originally released in 2022 on Hugging Face’s Spaces platform. Its technology is derived from Open AI’s DALL-E, based on the GPT-3 model. Using datasets from GPT-3 models, Craiyon’s algorithms analyze and learn from various art styles and techniques to generate original artwork in a variety of styles, including abstract, surreal, and realist.

Craiyon mimics generated art images of Girl with a Pearl Earring

Craiyon Functions:

  • Natural Scene Generation: Craiyon can generate fantasy landscape art such as mountains, oceans, forests, etc.
  • Character design: Craiyon can generate characters with unique styles, such as images of cartoons art styles or real people.
  • Image Enhancement: Craiyon can enhance image quality and details, such as enhancing sharpness, contrast and saturation, etc.
  • Automatic color matching: Craiyon can automatically generate color schemes to help designers complete design work more quickly.

Images.ai is a free artificial intelligence art generation website, developed by unite.ai team, based on Stable Diffusion technology. Images.ai provides an easy-to-use online platform. Users can upload their own photos or enter relevant keywords, and the system will immediately generate a work of art. Users can also fine-tune and edit the generated work according to their preferences and needs. Edit for final satisfaction.

A digital art of a foggy colorful mosque ata_distance image generated by Images.ai

Images.ai Functions:

  • User creators own full copyright of the images and are free to use them for any purpose.
  • Generate up to 25 images per day for free.
  • After the image is generated, the command can be used for secondary editing.


In this article introducing 10 AI art generation tools, we can see that with the continuous development of AI technology, more and more tools provide different types of art generation methods from image generation to music creation , making creation easier and more convenient.

While AI art generation tools can help us quickly create beautiful artwork, they are not a perfect solution. Some tools may produce repetitive or less satisfactory results, so we need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of these tools in order to better use them in practice.

Overall, AI art generation tools offer a whole new perspective to explore art and design. Through the use of these tools, we can better understand the application of AI technology, and at the same time bring more inspiration and imagination to our creation. With the continuous development and improvement of AI technology, we believe that these tools will become more powerful and popular, bringing broader prospects and development space for the art and design industry.