Dall-E 2: The Best AI Text-to-Image Model By Open-AI

What is Dall-E 2?

Dall-E 2 is a GPT-3-based Text-to-Image model developed by OpenAI, which is an upgraded version of Dall-E and will be released in January 2022. It can create photorealistic images and artwork from descriptive natural text. It can generate images with the highest resolution of 1024*1024, four times that of Dall-E.

Price: Charge
Tag: AI Text-to-Image
Release time: 2021
Developer: OpenAI

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Dall-E 2 Features

  • Combine text concepts to create images with different attributes and styles.
  • Can extend the information and details in the original image
  • Existing images can be edited based on natural language: it can even take shadows, reflections and textures into account
  • Different variations can be created from the original image
For more details, click here to view the related research paper.

Dall-E 2 Pricing

Dall-E 2 is charged by the resolution of the generated image.






$0.02/per image

$0.018/per image

$0.016/per image

How to Use Dall-E 2?

Dall-E 2 is currently only available to developers in the form of API, and ordinary users cannot use it directly.If you want to try Dall-E Public Demo, you can click OpenAI Platform to enter the trial.


What do we expect at Dall-E 2?

We hope that DALL-E 2 will allow people to express themselves creatively, and we hope that DALL-E 2 will help us understand how advanced artificial intelligence systems see and understand our world.

What do we do to prevent it from generating harmful contents?

We have limited the DALL-E 2's ability to generate violent, adult imagery, and our content policy does not allow user-generated content in categories such as violent, adult, or political.

What’s the next step for Dall-E 2 ?

We hope that Dall-E 2 can become an artificial intelligence for the benefit of mankind.

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