Dall-E Mini: AI Artist Who Can Convert Any Text To Image


What is Dall-E Mini?

Dall-E Mini is a free online AI dall-e generator that generates fantastic images based on textual prompts. Dall-E Mini is an open-source version of Dall-E, which was released in 2022 on Hugging Face’s Spaces platform. It uses the original Dall-E artificial intelligence model to train models using unfiltered data from the Internet and attracted a lot of media attention in 2022, and in June 2022 OpenAI requested that In June 2022, OpenAI asked Dall-E Mini to change its name, which has since been changed to Craiyon. Dall-E Mini is available to the public now.

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Dall-e and Dall-e 2

DALL-E is an AI image generator developed by Open AI based on the GPT-3 natural language model that converts natural language into images.
First announced by OpenAI in a blog post in January 2021, DALL-E uses an optimized version of GPT-3 to generate images, and in April 2022, OpenAI announced DALL-E 2, which generates higher resolution and more realistic images. concepts, attributes, and styles”.
In early November 2022, OpenAI released DALL-E 2 as an API, but it is currently not available to general users, allowing developers to integrate the model into their own applications only.

Price: Free
Tag: AI generator, Text to images , AI art

How to Use Dall-E Mini?

Dall-E Mini is currently free for everyone and is very easy to use. After entering your Prompts on Craiyon.com it will generate 9 images for you to try to match your Prompts. as follows.

  1. Open the official website of Dall-E Mini, Craiyon.com
  2. In the input box “what image do you want to generate?” enter the text description of the image you want to generate, you can add something like “HD”, “real”, “oil”, etc. You can add some descriptors like “HD”, “real”, “oil”, etc. to get better results.
  3. Click the “Draw” button on the right to start generating
  4. Wait for a few seconds (up to 2 minutes) and then 9 images will be output below for you to choose from, if they don’t meet your requirements you can click “Draw” again to recreate them
  5. You can choose Screenshot to save, or Print on a T-Shirt

Due to social ethics, there are some offensive text Prompts will be blocked and cannot generate images.
Hugging Face can also use Dall-E Mini, as Craiyon provides the service, the process is basically the same. Now go ahead and create images using Dall-E Mini.

Dall-E Mini Online Use Example

  • Text to image
  • E-commerce copywriting to produce images
  • Creating new images based on existing images
  • Emoticons creation
  • Print on a T-Shirt

How to Login Dall-E Mini ?

There is currently no need to register for a Dall-E Mini account, just open the website and you can use it.

Dall-E Mini Pricing

Dall-E Mini is a free service to the public.

Dall-E Mini History

  • January 2021 OpenAI releases Dall-e
  • Early 2022 Dall-E Mini is released on Hugging Face’s Spaces platform
  • April 2022 OpenAI announces the release of DALL-E 2
  • June 2022 OpenAI asks Dall-E Mini to change its name
  • June 2022 Dall-E Mini is renamed Craiyon

Technical Principle of Dall-E Mini

Dall-E Mini is a neural network-based model that combines deep learning and natural language processing techniques. the Dall-E Mini technology is derived from DALL-E, which is based on the GPT-3 , a model with 12 billion parameters [1] that replaces text with images and uses text and images from the Internet for training, enabling it to understand and respond to a variety of natural language cues.

Dall-E Mini Github

The Dall-E Mini code is currently open source, and can be viewed on Github.

Dall-E Mini Review


Although I don’t know how to use drawing tools to draw pictures, when I use Dall-E Mini to make unparalleled pictures, I can generate many pictures for me to choose with only a simple description.


Dall-E Mini can construct a picture using text based on artificial intelligence. I used its interface on my website and developed new functions, which brought a lot of convenience to users.


I am a cartoonist, and Dall-E Mini has provided me with many ideas and ideas, and I use it to speed up the completion of my projects.


Dall-E Mini is an AI model, which can be trained and upgraded according to the continuous use of users and the scores given to the results, so Dall·E mini is constantly improving.

Yes, you can use Dall-E Mini for free. When you use it, it only takes a few seconds to a minute to generate various types of pictures for you.

Dall-E Mini generally takes 15-120 seconds to generate 9 pictures for you to use, but sometimes the speed may be fast or slow due to the number of people currently using it.

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