Dall-E Mini(Craiyon): AI Meme Machine&Convert Any Text To Image​


What is Dall-E Mini?

Dall-E Mini, now known as Craiyon, is an AI model that can draw images from any text prompt. It’s a free AI image generator that has revolutionized the way we think about art and AI’s capabilities. Craiyon is not just an art tool; it’s a gateway to infinite creativity, allowing users to turn their imagination into AI-generated reality.

Price: Freemium
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What's the Relationship Between Dall-E mini and OpenAI Dall-E Series?

Dall-E Mini, initially based on OpenAI’s Dall-E 1’s research, has evolved independently. While OpenAI’s Dall-E series, including Dall-E 2 and Dall-E 3, have advanced in their own right, Dall-E Mini has carved its niche. It’s a testament to the power of open-source development and community contributions, leading to its rebranding as Craiyon.

Dall-E Mini is an open-source version of Dall-E, not related to OpenAI.That’s why Dall-E mini was forced to change name to “Craiyon” after its getting popular.

How to Use Dall-E Mini?

  1. Visit the Craiyon website.
  2. Type your image description in the text box.
  3. Add any negative words to exclude certain elements.
  4. Click “Draw” to generate your AI art.
  5. Explore the generated images and select your favorite.
  6. Use the “Upscale” option for higher resolution.

Attention:Due to social ethics, there are some offensive text Prompts will be blocked and cannot generate images.

You can also use Dall-E mini on Hugging Face and GITHUB’s Dall-E mini page.Now go ahead and create images using Dall-E Mini.

Dall-E Mini Use Cases

  • Creating unique art pieces.
  • Generating illustrations for blogs and articles.
  • Designing creative marketing materials.
  • Educational purposes in schools and universities.

How to Login Dall-E Mini ?

  1. Go to the Craiyon website.
  2. Click on “Sign up” or “Log in.”
  3. Enter your credentials or create a new account.
  4. Start using the AI art generator.


Dall-E Mini Pricing

  • Free version with ad support.
  • Paid versions for ad-free experience and faster processing.
  • Additional services like T-shirt printing of your favorite AI creations.

Technical Principle of Dall-E Mini

Dall-E Mini is a neural network-based model that combines deep learning and natural language processing techniques. Dall-E Mini technology is derived from DALL-E, which is based on the GPT-3 , a model with 12 billion parameters that replaces text with images and uses text and images from the Internet for training, enabling it to understand and respond to a variety of natural language cues.

Dall-E Mini Github

The Dall-E Mini code is currently open source, and can be viewed on Github.

Pros & Cons of Dall-E Mini


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Encourages creativity and experimentation.
  • Wide range of applications.


  • Image quality varies.
  • Limited control over final output.
  • Dependent on user’s input for quality results.

DALL·E Mini's Controversial Issues

  1. Copyright Issues: DALL·E mini is an AI art model that is trained by examining millions of images on the internet along with their related captions, and then generating images based on any prompts provided by users. This can potentially raise copyright issues, as the user’s prompts may result in the model creating images that are similar or nearly identical to copyrighted works of others, such as paintings or photographs. This could lead to copyright infringement claims, such as the unauthorized creation of derivative works based on the underlying works used to train the model.
  2. Licensing Issues: If a company wants to use DALL·E mini’s images in their marketing, a musician wants to use them as album covers, or a film production company wants to include them in TV or movies, licensing issues may arise. While DALL·E mini states that users are free to use its images for personal use, contacting DALL·E mini is necessary before engaging in commercial use. This naturally raises questions about what constitutes commercial use and how any such disagreements with DALL·E mini are resolved.
  3. Authorship Issues: Another significant issue is whether the DALL·E mini model itself can be considered the author and copyright owner of the images it generates. Current laws may attribute authorship to the user providing the input prompts, or the developers of DALL·E mini may assert authorship. However, this legal landscape is rapidly evolving, much like AI itself.

Why Dall-E Mini is Worthy Trying?

DALL·E mini is a fascinating AI art generator that has gained a large user base with its streamlined workflow and free user experience. With just simple text inputs, the AI can create original images within seconds, which is truly impressive to me. Additionally, I particularly enjoy the printing to t-shirt service offered by DALL·E mini, as it allows me to materialize my creations and adds a lot of fun.

However, I must point out that while the functionality of DALL·E mini is enticing, there are more advanced tools in the market, such as Deep Dream Generator, which can generate higher quality images. Moreover, as the free mode of DALL·E mini is ad-supported, there may be some ad interruptions during the usage, which can impact the overall experience.

Overall, if you are someone interested in AI art generation and looking to quickly create and share your own artwork, I would recommend giving DALL·E mini a try. However, if you have higher quality expectations for the output images or prefer not to be disturbed by ads during the usage, you might need to consider using other paid tools. I find DALL·E mini to be an interesting and useful tool, but it may be more suitable for users who want a simple and fast way to generate art images.

Alternatives to DALL·E mini

Soulgen is an innovative AI image generator designed specifically for anime enthusiasts and artists. It combines artificial intelligence and creativity to open up a world of possibilities for artists, designers, and creative enthusiasts. The core function of Soulgen is to use AI technology to generate unique and original art, designs, and visual content. With its advanced algorithms and neural networks, this platform can produce stunning images that rival those created by human artists.

  • Pricing: Soulgen offers a free trial, and then you will need to purchase a subscription plan. The pricing for subscription plans starts at $9.99 per month.
  • Features: 
    • AI Image Generation: Soulgen can generate images of both anime and real girls based on text prompts.
    • Wide Range of Styles: Explore various art styles and unleash your imagination by creating anime art that matches your vision.
    • AI Image Editing: Modify, expand, or remove content within images using simple text prompts and enhance your creations.
  • Advantages: One of the primary advantages of Soulgen is its ability to generate highly realistic and visually captivating art pieces. It also allows users to interact with the AI system, providing input, feedback, and guidance to shape the creative process.

DeepArt is an online AI art generator that can transform your photos into artistic pieces. Unlike DALL·E mini, DeepArt requires users to upload a photo and choose an art style, and the AI will transform the photo into an artwork based on that style. DeepArt’s pricing varies based on the quality and size of the output image, but it offers a free option where users can generate small-sized images for free. DeepArt is suitable for users who want to transform their photos into artistic creations.

  • Price: Free for generating small-sized images, pricing varies for high-quality images based on size and quality.
  • Features: Transforms user-uploaded photos into artistic pieces. 
  • Advantages: Users can choose the art style, and the generated images are of high quality. 
  1. Artbreeder is an online AI art generator that allows users to blend multiple images to create new ones. Unlike DALL·E mini, the generation process in Artbreeder is more of an exploration, where users can adjust various parameters to change the generated images. Artbreeder has a free option, but advanced features require a paid subscription. Artbreeder is suitable for users who enjoy exploration and experimentation.
  • Price: Free for basic functionality, paid for advanced features. 
  • Features: Blends multiple images to create new ones. 
  • Advantages: Users can control the generated images by adjusting parameters. 

 Deep Dream Generator is an online AI art generator that can transform your photos into fantastic artistic creations. Unlike DALL·E mini, Deep Dream Generator utilizes Google’s DeepDream algorithm to generate images. Deep Dream Generator is free to use, but if you want higher quality images, you need to pay. Deep Dream Generator is suitable for users who appreciate dreamy art styles.

  • Price: Free for basic functionality, paid for high-quality images. 
  • Features: Transforms user-uploaded photos into dreamy artistic pieces. 
  • Advantages: Uses Google’s DeepDream algorithm, resulting in unique dreamy styles.

Dall-E Mini Review


Although I don’t know how to use drawing tools to draw pictures, when I use Dall-E Mini to make unparalleled pictures, I can generate many pictures for me to choose with only a simple description.


Dall-E Mini can construct a picture using text based on artificial intelligence. I used its interface on my website and developed new functions, which brought a lot of convenience to users.


I am a cartoonist, and Dall-E Mini has provided me with many ideas and ideas, and I use it to speed up the completion of my projects.


Has the Dall-E Mini improved?

Dall-E Mini is an AI model, which can be trained and upgraded according to the continuous use of users and the scores given to the results, so Dall·E mini is constantly improving.

Can I use DALL-E mini for free?

Yes, you can use Dall-E Mini for free. When you use it, it only takes a few seconds to a minute to generate various types of pictures for you.

How much time does the DALL-E mini take?

Dall-E Mini generally takes 15-120 seconds to generate 9 pictures for you to use, but sometimes the speed may be fast or slow due to the number of people currently using it.

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