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ChatBot is definitely the hottest word in the field of AI at now. The ordinary people  participating in this popular culture are more and more. The interactive friendliness of AI Chat depends entirely on the user’s input commands and pre-set roles. How to make the experience better? There is no doubt that it needs  improving  the input command and create a perfect AI Character.

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What is Character AI?

Character AI is a Chatbot Website based on large-scale natural language training, created by Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas in September 2022. The biggest difference between Character AI and other Chatbots is that the website has pre-created many chat characters, such as celebrities, historical and fictional characters. Users can chat directly with these characters, and of course they can also create their own characters.

The platform is powered by advanced AI language models, enabling these chat characters to generate human-like responses in conversations. With the continuous improvement of AI technology, the Character AI chat platform will become more and more sophisticated and engaging, providing users with a more realistic and engaging conversation experience.

In addition to interacting with pre-made characters, users can also create their own custom chat characters on the platform. This allows for more personal and tailored interactions. Users can define their character’s characteristics, interests, and background, and the AI will adapt to these parameters to generate appropriate responses during the conversation. In addition, Character Ai also supports the creation of rooms to support multiple people chatting with different characters.

Price: Free
Tag: AI Chatbot,AI Character Generator
Release time: September 2022
Developer(s): Character
Users: 5M+

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How to Use Character AI?

  1. Open the Character AI website.
  2. See the prompt, “Everything the characters say is made up! Don’t believe everything they say, and don’t take it too seriously. Characters may be wrongly offended – please flag these messages. Characters may be wrongly offended — Please flag these messages. It can be anything. Breakthrough artificial intelligence technology can bring all your thoughts to life.” Then click “I understand”.
  3. Choose a character you are interested in in the Character AI playground and start chatting


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How to sign in Character AI?

  1. There is no need to register during the Character AI trial period. If you want to chat more or create a multi-person room, you need to register and log in to the Character AI account. You can refer to the following steps:
  2. Open the Character AI register registration link,
  3. Enter your email address and password, and you can choose to authorize accounts such as Google or FB
  4. After entering the user name, click the “Join Character” button to complete the Character login.

What are the functions of Character AI?

  • Talk directly to Character AI
  • Talk to characters already in Character AI
  • Create a multiplayer room for conversation
  • Write story with Character AI
  • Play a game with Character AI
  • Use Character Brainstorm ideas

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Uses of Character AI

  • Entertain: Interact with chat characters for fun, casual conversations or role-playing scenarios.
  • Learning: Interact with chat characters with specific knowledge or expertise, giving users another way to learn and gather information.
  • Social Practice: Develop and practice social skills, conversational skills, or language learning by speaking with chat characters.
  • Creativity: Use custom characters to explore storytelling, world building, or as a creative writing tool.

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Character AI themes

The Character AI community has thousands of characters to choose from, and most of them are shared by users. As of February 2, 2023, Character AI has 19 themes:

1. Helpers: This theme mainly provides users with chatbots such as psychological counseling, life services, and knowledge education.

2. Games: It is a special area for dialogue by imitating the worldview and characters of some famous games. You can experience Genshin Impact, Cyberpunk 2077, and other game worlds in text here.

3. Image generating: a special area for creating images for your generated characters

4. VTuber: Based on the corpus and personality of the well-known VTuber on the Internet, the corresponding chartable characters are created. Here you can chat freely with virtual idols such as Gawr Gura, Usada Pekora, etc.

5. Game Characters: Well-known characters from various games gather here: Mario, 2B, Mincraft STEVE…

6. Anime: Chatbot area imitating some well-known characters in anime: Zero Two, Illya, Yuri…

7. Famous people: Chatbots with personal styles have been created for some living or deceased celebrities.

8. Movies & TV: A chat area imitating well-known characters in movies and TV shows.

9. Language learning: language learning area, you can improve your language ability by chatting with chatbots in different languages.

10. Discussion: Different categories of ai chatbots can discuss topics of interest to you all the time.

11. Religion: Talk to the electronic nun and the gods on the Internet.

12. Anime game characters: Characters in anime games (such as Yuanshin, Ark of Tomorrow)

13. Animals: anthropomorphize games, anime, and animals in life and talk to them

14. Comedy: Chatting with the characters in this section will be very comical.

15. Chinese: including famous figures in Chinese history and current social hotspots

16. Philosophy: imitate the great thinkers in history: Socrates, Plato, Lao Tzu…

17. Politics: Dialogue with well-known political scientists and rulers.

18. Books: Created many corresponding Chatbots based on the characters in the novel.

19. History: Dialogue with influential figures in ancient and modern Chinese and foreign history.

Some Suggestions for Using Character AI?

  1. Clearly define the character: Before using Character AI, make sure you have a clear definition of the character’s identity, characteristics and behavior. This includes things like the character’s personality, background, goals, and emotions. This will help you maintain consistency when generating character dialogue and ensure that what you generate is what you expect.
  2. Provide clear input: When interacting with Character AI, make sure you provide clear, concise input. You can help the AI understand your intent by explicitly providing your character’s instructions, questions, or dialogue, and by setting context and context.
  3. Use system messages: Use system messages in dialogues to guide the behavior of generated characters. System messages usually appear in a specific format or label, such as “[system]: character name, please tell me your plans”. Such system messages can help you guide the character’s behavior and guide the AI to generate dialogue that meets your expectations.
  4. Take a critical look at output: Generated character dialogue may contain errors, inaccuracies, or unreasonable content. Therefore, dialogues generated by Character AI need to be viewed dialectically.
  5. Refer to similar alternatives: Try using Candy AI as an alternative, which can better guide you on how to start a conversation with artificial intelligence.

These recommendations can help you achieve better results when using Character AI and ensure that the resulting dialogue matches your expectations and needs.

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Who created Character AI?

Character is a full-stack artificial general intelligence (AGI) company founded by Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, who participated in and led the training of LLM and LaMDA.

Is Character AI Free?

Yes, Character AI is currently free for users to use.

Is character ai safe?

Yes, Character AI is a safe chatbot, you don’t have to worry about your privacy being leaked, the website will not store users’ chat history.

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