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What is Runway?

Runway is a groundbreaking platform at the intersection of artificial intelligence and creative expression. It offers a suite of ‘AI Magic Tools’ that empower artists, designers, and creators to break new ground in their work. By leveraging advanced AI research, Runway facilitates the impossible, enabling multimodal AI systems to generate novel videos, images, and creative projects with ease.

What is Gen-2?

Gen-2 by Runway is described as a multimodal AI system that can generate novel videos from text, images, or video clips. This represents a significant step forward in generative AI, allowing for the creation of new videos by synthesizing the composition and style of an image or text prompt with the structure of a source video. It can also create videos from just text prompts, making it possible to visualize concepts and ideas directly from written descriptions.

Here are some key points about Gen-2:

  • Text to Video: You can synthesize videos in any style using just a text prompt.
  • Text + Image to Video: Gen-2 can generate a video using a driving image combined with a text prompt.
  • Image to Video: This mode allows for the creation of a video using just a driving image.
  • Stylization: It can transfer the style of any image or prompt to every frame of your video.
  • Storyboard: Gen-2 can turn mockups into fully stylized and animated renders.
  • Mask: This feature isolates subjects in your video and modifies them with simple text prompts.
  • Render: It can turn untextured renders into realistic outputs by applying an input image or prompt.
  • Customization: Users can unleash the full power of Gen-2 by customizing the model for even higher fidelity results.

Runway Details

Price: free,$12/month,$28/month
Tag: Vedio Editor,AI Animation Generator

Key Features of Runway

  • Multimodal AI system capable of generating videos from text, images, or video clips.
  • Gen-2 technology for advanced video synthesis.
  • A suite of AI Magic Tools for various creative tasks.
  • Mobile app availability for iOS devices.
  • Custom AI training for personalized model creation.
  • A dedicated platform for filmmakers, Runway Studios.

How to use Runway?

Take picture coloring as an example:

  1. Click official website,log in with Google account or other email
  2. select model
  3.  select input
  4.  Select output
  5. Wait a moment, the picture is edited

The Price of Runway








$12 per month

$28 per month

Not sure, need to contact the official


  • 720p video editor exports 

  • 3 projects 

  • 5GB assets 

  • 25 free image generations 

  • Limited AI Magic Tools export option

  • 4K video editor exports 
  • Does not include PNG or ProRes exports

  • Unlimited projects 

  • 500GB assets 

  • 125 free image generations/month 

  • More AI Magic Tools export

  • 4K video editor exports 

  • Includes PNG and ProRes exports

  • Unlimited projects 

  • 1TB assets 

  • 450 free image generation

  • Model Customizations 

  • Advanced security and compliance 

  • Ongoing Success Program 

  • Enterprise-wide Support 

  • Unlimited Storage 

  • Integration with internal tools

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