Runway: Fastest AI Video Editor

Runway is an AI software that helps us with video editing. It has over 30 AI Magic Tools and features real-time video editing and collaboration. Runway optimizes the editing process through various artificial intelligence techniques, greatly improving our video editing efficiency and allowing you to create anything you desire.

What is Runway

Runway is a user-friendly video editing software launched in January 2019 by Cristal Valenzuela. Using machine learning tools to edit videos, coding is not required. Runway simplifies the video editing process by offering features such as masks, color correction, compositing, generation, and VFX. Furthermore, its dynamic keying feature turns the video into a green screen for fast editing. Runway provides accurate and unique depth maps to enhance realism in footage. Additionally, its optical flow feature helps users understand the movement of objects through relative motion analysis. The repair function in Runway automatically removes unwanted elements and objects from the video, improving editing efficiency. Creators can also use the multi-stream video format available on the platform to modify the video content, access advanced AI generated analytics and metadata, and make the video more appealing.

Price: free,$12/month,$28/month
Tag: Vedio Editor

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How to use Runway

Take picture coloring as an example:

  1. Click official website,log in with Google account or other email
  2. select model
  3.  select input
  4.  Select output
  5. Wait a moment, the picture is edited

The development background of Runway

 Runway originally started as a thesis project by Cristal Valenzuela from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, but surprisingly received enthusiastic responses from the industry. So, Valenzuela decided to venture out and launched a beta version of Runway. Valenzuela aims to create an “app store” for artists, designers, filmmakers, and more, that provides AI applications, where they can download and use various AI editing tools just like downloading an app in an app store with a single click.

Function of Runway

Audio editing

  • Automatic noise reduction
  • Automatic beat detection
  • Highlight vocals
  • Remove background sound
  • Adjust the volume
  • Vocal mix…

Rideo processing

  • Automatic subtitles
  • Add filter
  • Replace image
  • Erase background
  • Adjust brightness
  • Adjust color…

The Price of Runway








$12 per month

$28 per month

Not sure, need to contact the official


  • 720p video editor exports 

  • 3 projects 

  • 5GB assets 

  • 25 free image generations 

  • Limited AI Magic Tools export option

  • 4K video editor exports 
  • Does not include PNG or ProRes exports

  • Unlimited projects 

  • 500GB assets 

  • 125 free image generations/month 

  • More AI Magic Tools export

  • 4K video editor exports 

  • Includes PNG and ProRes exports

  • Unlimited projects 

  • 1TB assets 

  • 450 free image generation

  • Model Customizations 

  • Advanced security and compliance 

  • Ongoing Success Program 

  • Enterprise-wide Support 

  • Unlimited Storage 

  • Integration with internal tools


  • Fast editing:Use AI to optimize the editing workflow, simplify the editing process, reduce the workload of editors, lower the difficulty of editing, enabling you to focus on higher value areas and events.
  • Freedom to use your creativity:Unleash your creativity with AI, using a powerful editing platform and a diverse range of AI Magic Tools, to carry out all operations from generating new content to editing projects, without limitations and unlocking unlimited creative potential.
  • Enables real-time collaboration:easily share your creations with others through multi-person remote operation compatibility.

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