10 Best AI Picture Generator in 2023

Discover the top 10 AI picture generators for 2023 and create stunning visuals effortlessly. Read our unbiased reviews and make an informed choice.

Today, AI Picture Generator has become a must-have tool for many designers, marketers and content creators. In this article, we will introduce the top 10 picture generators in 2023 that will not only help you save time and effort but also create impressive visuals. We’ll provide detailed product introductions and feature comparisons to help you choose the tool that best suits your needs. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, this article will provide you with valuable information and insights.

What is AI Picture Generator?

AI Picture Generator is a tool or program that uses artificial intelligence technology to generate ai pictures. It is based on deep learning algorithms, which can generate realistic ai generated pictures by analyzing and learning a large amount of image data.

AI image generators have a wide range of applications, including art, graphic design, and video game development. They can be used to create realistic textures, landscapes, people and objects, and can save time and resources by automating the image creation process.

AI Picture Generator Functions

The specific functions of AI Picture Generator depend on the algorithms and models it uses, and generally have the following functions:

  • Picture generator: AI Picture Generator can generate ai generated pictures according to the prompts input by the user, and can also generate random profile pictures.
  • Picture enhancer: AI Picture Generator can enhance the quality of original ai pictures, such as pixel enhancement, lossless enlargement and other functions.
  • Idea generation: AI Picture Generator can provide you with inspiration for painting, as well as suggestions for cool pictures to draw.
  • Text-to-picture and picture-to-picture conversion: Convert natural language to images, or convert one type of image to another.
  • Image restoration: restore image integrity by filling in missing areas or repairing damaged image areas.
  • Image Segmentation: Divide an image into distinct regions, each with distinct attributes and characteristics.

10 Best AI Picture Generator

MidJourney is currently one of the best AI Picture Generators, especially after MidJourney released the V5 version on March 16, 2023, it is far ahead of other similar products in the field of ai pictures generated. MidJourney is based on a series of neural networks trained using stable diffusion and computer vision techniques, enabling it to understand and imitate different styles of artistic pictures, and interact with users through keyword instructions, parameter commands, and generative confrontation network (GANs) technology. The resulting work is continuously tweaked and improved based on user feedback.

"Future Robots and Ruins" image generated by MidJourney V5 model

MidJourney Functions:

  • Picture generator: MidJourney can create various styles of artistic pictures according to prompts.
  • Picture enhancer: MidJourney supports using custom parameters to adjust picture properties.
  • Image-to-image generator: MidJourney can imitate the pictures you input to generate pictures with different styles or backgrounds.

Dall-E 2 has been one of the widely anticipated products in AI Picture, because it is an upgraded version of Dall-E released by the OpenAI research team, and it is based on the powerful GPT-3 language model. Although due to various considerations, OpenAI has not released Dall-E 2 applications so far, but we can already use Dall-E or obtain developer permissions to call Dall-E 2 API to realize its functions.

Astronauts riding horses in space generated by Dall-E 2

Dall-E 2 Functions:

  • AI pictures generation: DALL-E 2 can generate images with the highest resolution up to 1024*1024 according to user prompts input.
  • Image editing: DALL-E 2 supports editing work such as converting, scaling, cropping, adjusting color, adding special effects, etc. to the generated image.
  • Image library: The unique function of DALL-E 2 is that it provides users with a large-scale image database, and users can search in the image library to obtain relevant materials.

Craiyon, originally known as Dall-E Mini, uploaded on the Hugging Face Spaces platform, is a completely free AI Picture Generator based on the integrated open source DALL-E model. In June 2022, OpenAI asked it to change its name on copyright grounds. At present, Craiyon has been upgraded to V2 version, which has better performance.

lighthouse,seaside,rainy days,port images generated by Craiyon

Craiyon Functions:

  • AI pictures generation: Craiyon can generate 3*3 similar images for selection according to the user’s prompt input.
  • Image Printing: Craiyon is unique in offering you the service of printing the generated images onto custom T-shirts.
  • App Support: You can use Craiyon on the web, or download its google chrome extension or its android version Craiyon app in the google app store.

A word that cannot be avoided in the field of AI Picture is Stable Diffusion, which has almost become the technical basis of all ai generated pictures. This website is the official application website of the Stable Diffusion technical team, using the LAION 5b dataset, you can try it with confidence.

On a street of paris, a view to the Eiffel Tower,automn image generated by Stable diffusion

Stable diffusion Functions:

  • Completely free and open source website.
  • Stable diffusion has an independent Prompt Database function to generate prompt words for you.
  • Visual ChatGPT Online feature is being integrated, you can try it from this website.

Nightcafe is an AI image generator that can generate artistic ai pictures. It was originally launched on Reddit in November 2019 and became very popular. As of October 2022, Nightcafe has generated more than 35 million ai generated pictures for users. Nightcafe gives you free tuition for 5 generated images per day, or you can pay for a more powerful usage package.

Abondoned american mid-west town after Civil War,1899 image generated by Nightcafe

Nightcafe Functions:

  • Multiple image generation algorithms: Different image generation models such as Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, CLIP-Guided Diffusion, VQGAN+CLIP and Neural Style Transfer are provided on NightCafe.
  • Multiple image generation styles: users can choose to generate images of different styles such as psychedelic, realistic, and animation.
  • Open user sharing and discussion community.

Deep Dream Generator (DDG) is another AI art generator that generates artistic pictures. It is based on Google’s open source project DeepDream computer vision program. It uses convolutional neural networks and algorithms to process images with trompe l’oeil to achieve dreamlike image effects.

collection of zodiac signs, and sea around images generated by Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator Functions:

  • Various artistic styles: users can choose among artistic, stable, fantasy and other artistic styles
  • Image Enhancement: Deep Dream Generator supports face detail enhancement and image quality enhancement functions.
  • User Community: Users can upload generated images and view other users’ creations in the Deep Dream Generator community.

Photosonic is an AI Picture Generator from text under Writesonic, released in August 2022. The underlying data of Photosonic is based on latent diffusion, which can gradually convert random noise images into coherent images that match the prompt text. It has the same structure as Stable Diffusion, but it is easier to train and has similar image generation functions.

"The Great Pyramid, Cyberpunk 2077" image generated by Photosonic

Photosonic Functions:

  • Supports image generation in different modes such as painting style, fantasy style, and animation style.
  • The right to use your created images for any commercial purpose.
  • Supports generating images with different resolutions and aspect ratios.

Brainfever is a Picture Generating AI trained based on the data of the open source DALL-E neural network model, developed by Brainfever media, you can use Brainfever to create unique and interesting images by simply describing the keywords you want to see Image. Brainfever is suitable for IOS and Ipad.

Brainfever promotional image

BrainFever Functions:

  • Tons of art styles and templates are available.
  • Various elements and overlays can be used in the image to achieve ai image enhancer effects, such as fog and rain.
  • You fully own all rights to the images you create with BrainFever.

The Fy! Studio is another powerful AI Picture maker, but the pictures it generates are more for commercial use, such as generating landscapes based on keywords, and then printing them on canvas and sending them to your home. But The Fy! Studio’s picture generator feature is free.

'ocean sunset' image produced by The Fy! Studio

The Fy! Studio Functions:

  • Images suitable for different purposes such as T-shirts, murals, wallpapers, etc. can be generated.
  • It can generate pictures of various styles such as portraits and landscapes.
  • You can purchase physical versions of the images you generate.

If you are looking for motion paint pictures video maker for android, then Zoetropic is definitely a good choice. Zoetropic is one of the earliest products in this field, which can convert motion paint pictures generated by AI into dynamic pictures close to video while retaining the high-definition pixels of the original picture.

Zoetropic Functions:

  • Support for adding audio and text to generated pictures.
  • Provide android version and ios version APP download.
  • 3D effects and other elements can be added to pictures.


AI Picture Generator is an important application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of computer graphics, providing people with a more efficient and convenient way to generate images.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, more and more AI Picture Generators have emerged, bringing more fun and creativity to our lives. These AI Picture Generators can help us create beautiful, imaginative images, providing artists, designers, marketers, etc. with more tools and inspiration.

Among these 10 AI Picture Generators, some are biased towards traditional artistic creation, such as The Fy! Studio, Stable diffusion; some are full of technology, such as Nightcafe and Deep Dream Generator. Regardless of the type of AI Picture Generator, they provide us with more possibilities and creativity.

It is worth noting that although the technology of AI Picture Generator is becoming more and more mature, they cannot completely replace human creativity and imagination. As such, we should see them as a helpful tool, not a substitute for human creativity.

The development of AI Picture Generator demonstrates the power and potential of artificial intelligence technology. We look forward to seeing the emergence of more AI Picture Generators, bringing more fun and enlightenment to our lives.

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