Murf: An Amazing AI Text-to-voice Platform

What is Murf?

Murf is a Text-to-voice platform based on artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, developed by the Murf AI team in 2021. Murf’s online speech generator tool lets you convert text into natural-sounding speech in just a few minutes. Rather than sounding monotonous and robotic, Murf’s AI voice mimics the pitch and rhythm of human speech and voice, helping you create realistic synthetic voices.

Price: Free
Tag: AI Text-to-voice,Text to Speech Generator
Release time: 2021
Developer: Murf AI

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Murf Features

  • Choose from over 130 AI voices with different accents and pitches
  • Advanced AI algorithms capture tone to correctly understand text sentiment
  • Can add timely AI voiceover to your video/ppt without video editing
  • Support AI voice changer and voice editing function

Murf Pricing












  • Downloads are not allowed, but the resulting audio can be shared
  • 10 minutes of text and voice editing available
  • Unlimited audio downloads
  • Support 60 basic voices and 10 languages
  • 120 minutes of text and voice editing per month
  • Audio Commercial Rights
  • 8000 original soundtracks
  • all basic functions
  • Supports 120 basic voices, 20+ languages ​​and dialect accents
  • 240 minutes of text and voice editing per month
  • All pro features
  • Unlimited use of text and voice editing functions per month
  • Advanced Security Protection
  • Dedicated customer service manager & online technical support

How to login in Murf account?

  1. Enter Murf,click Login.
  2. if you don’t have an account,you can click Sign Up to create your account with Google,Facebook or email.
  3. After verifing your account,you’ll successfully log in.

How to Use Murf?

  1. Log in to your previously registered account
  2. Choose to Create a new project
  3. Click the form you want and enter/edit text contents, AI will generate voice for you.

Murf Reviews

Rian Hafiz: After trying most TTS software on the market, I can say that Murf is the best TTS software out there.

Alexander: Murf was the perfect solution for delivering voice-over audio. The sound is professional, engaging and very clear. 

TS. Loh: I highly recommend Murf, its AI voice sounds very close to perfect.


How is Murf different from other text to speech tools?

Murf provides you with high-quality and natural AI-synthesized sounds. In addition, Murf is not just a text-to-speech tool, it can combine images, videos, music, adjust the timeline, and more.

Can I use Murf to record my voice over?

Recording is not currently available.

Why should I use AI Text-to-voice tools instead of hiring voice artists?

 AI text-to-speech saves time and money while maintaining the quality of voiceovers.

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