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What is HyperWrite?

HyperWrite is an AI writing assistant designed to improve various forms of written communication, from marketing copy to research and everyday messaging. It leverages AI technology to provide high-quality assistance, helping users achieve more in their writing endeavors. HyperWrite is a versatile tool that aids in creating, editing, and enhancing written content across multiple platforms and languages​​.

HyperWrite Details

Price: $0~$54.99
Tag: AI writing
Release time: 2022
Developer(s): OthersideAI
User: 857K

Key Features of HyperWrite

  1. Flexible AutoWrite: Assists in writing or creating diverse content types​​.
  2. Summarizer: Condenses main points and key information from texts or articles​​.
  3. Explain Like I’m 5: Simplifies complex topics for easier understanding​​.
  4. Rewrite Content: Alters existing content while preserving its meaning​​.
  5. Email Responder: Generates well-crafted responses to emails​​.
  6. Magic Editor: Enhances clarity, tone, and style of documents or messages​​.
  7. Blog Intro Generator: Creates high-quality introductions for blog posts on any topic​​.
  8. AI Speech Writer: Develops speeches from outlines or descriptions​​.
  9. Universal Translator: Translates text between languages accurately using AI​​.
  10. Powered by AI Systems: Utilizes advanced AI systems like ChatGPT and GPT-4 for quality content creation​​.

Pricing of HyperWrite

  1. Starter (Free): Limited monthly generations and daily typeaheads, with a certain number of rewrites per month​​.
  2. Premium ($19.99/month): Offers unlimited generations, typeaheads, and rewrites, with additional assistant credits​​.
  3. Ultra ($44.99/month): Tailored for professionals and power users, includes everything in Premium with added benefits like priority support​​.

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