Lexica: The Most Professional AI Image Search Engine

What is Lexica?

In 2021, Sharif Shameem created Lexica, an AI image search engine featuring millions of AI-generated images for users to browse and draw inspiration from. In December 2022, Lexica launched a new model called Lexica Aperture, enabling users to generate AI images by inputting text prompts. The majority of Lexica’s generated images are publicly accessible, allowing users to enjoy them together.

Price: Starting $10
Tag: AI image search engine
Release time: 2021
Developer(s): Sharif

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Lexica Function

  • Search images: Most of the images generated by Lexica are public and can be seen by all users
  • Create AI pictures: Users only need to input text prompts, and Lexica can automatically generate them
  • Share pictures: Lexica allows users to share pictures to social media such as Twitter

How to Login Lexica?

  1. Enter the Lexica website
  2. Enter text in the Generate interface
  3. Then the login interface will pop up
  4. Enter your email address and click Continue
  5. You will then receive a link in your email
  6. Click the link to complete the login

How to Use Lexica?

  1. Enter the Lexica official website and complete the login
  2. Enter text to describe the picture you want
  3. Enter something you don’t want to be in the picture
  4. Set the picture size and other data in the right menu bar
  5. Click “Generate”, and the picture generation work is completed

Lexica Pricing










  • 1,000 fast generations per month
  • No slow generations
  • 2 parallel fast generations
  • Commercial license (solo)
  • Images are public
  • 3,000 fast generations per month
  • Unlimited slow generations
  • 3 parallel fast generations
  • Commercial license
  • Images are public
  • 7,000 fast generations per month
  • Unlimited slow generations
  • 3 parallel fast generations
  • Commercial license
  • Keep images private

Lexica Reviews

Gene: I discovered my creative inspiration within the vast collection of images available on Lexica!

Judith: The picture of Lexica is really beautiful.

Jessica: It’s fantastic that Lexica now has the capability to generate new images in addition to its already extensive database!


Is Lexica free?

No, Lexica is charged, the price ranges from $10/month to $60/month

Can Lexica generate pictures?

Of course. Lexica rolls out new ability to generate images from text in December 2022.

What is Lexica?

Lexica is a powerful AI image search engine, on which you can find any image you like. In addition, Lexica also has the function of generating AI pictures.

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