DoNotPay: The First Robot Lawyer in The World

What is DoNotPay?

DoNotPay is a legal service bot developed by Joshua Browder in 2015. As a “robot lawyer”, DoNotPay uses artificial intelligence to provide users with legal services and a legal information platform. The services it provides include but are not limited to handling legal issues ranging from consumer protection to immigration rights. DoNotPay is powered by IBM Watson AI.

Price: $18/ mo
Tag: legal services chatbot
Release time: 2015
Developer: Joshua Browder

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DoNotPay Features

  • Provide you with real-time high-quality legal advice
  • Help you avoid possible legal risks
  • Professionally draft and respond to legal documents
  • Provide long-term analysis services for complex cases such as labor disputes, divorce agreements, and property distribution.

DoNotPay Cases

  1. DoNotPay phone number: Tips on Finding a Fake Phone Number for Google Verification: With DoNotPay’s Burner Phone feature, we can provide you with a valid fake number without using your real phone number and without actually purchasing a Burner Phone.
  2. DoNotPay virtual credit card: Avoid disclosing your real credit card information. DoNotPay virtual credit card: it generates a random number and valid credit card information, which you can use to subscribe to any service; after the free trial expires, the company cannot bill you because there is no money on the card, and you are automatically unsubscribed from the service .
  3. DoNotPay photo ninja maxwell input: This will help protect users’ photos from reverse image searches and facial recognition AI. Simply upload an image you want to block, and the software will add a layer of pixel-level perturbations that are barely perceptible to humans, but greatly interfere with machine recognition.
  4. You can also browse the site to search for other cases.

DoNotPay Pricing





$18 /month



  • 200+ legal aid projects
  • 7/24h real-time legal advice
  • Rich tax/traffic violation/labor arbitration case library
  • Trademark registration and infringement protection
  • Professional loan application paperwork
  • Dozens of additional legal tools and services to protect your business

DoNotPay APP

DoNotPay APP is only for ios users.

How to login in DoNotPay account?

  1. Enter DoNotPay, input your Emai or Phone number, click Sigh up/Login
  2. You can use your bank card or GooglePay to purchase its service.
  3. After successful purchase, you will be automatically logged in.
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How to use DoNotPay?

  1. Log in to your previously registered account
  2. A FAQ bar can be found at the top of the web page. Click to select the service you need.
  3. You can also browse the site to search for other cases.
  4. If you urgently need service or help, you can click Solve this problem for me after entering the column. 
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DoNotPay Reviews

The Guardian: DoNotPay’s advice and solutions are excellent when it comes to prohibiting the use of personal information for online marketing.

Legal Cheek: It fails to answer most basic legal questions.

Above the Law: DoNotPay can solve some parking tickets or non-critical issues, but it is not recommended for high-stakes legal issues.


Is DoNotPay legit?

When it is used to protect its own legal rights, it is completely legal.

Does it always provide accurate advice ?

On some issues yes. In 2016, Browder, the company’s founder, told the Guardian that DoNotPay had a success rate of more than 60 per cent of appeals against parking tickets.

Can I use it in court?

No,it isn’t allowed for now.

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