LaMDA: Large Conversational Natural Language Model by Google

What is LaMDA?

LaMDA is a conversational natural language model developed by Google, with its initial version released in 2021. Like GPT-3, LaMDA is a fundamental technology for AI chatbots. In February 2023, Google announced the release of Bard, a chatbot based on the LaMDA model, with the core mission of competing against OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which is based on the GPT-3.5 model. LaMDA is built on the Transformer architecture and uses three different models during training, with the largest model containing 137 billion non-embedding parameters, compared to GPT-3’s 175 billion parameters of the same type.

Price: None
Tag: AI Chatbot
Release time: May 2021
Developer(s): Google

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The Features of LaMDA AI

  • Translate with LaMDA
  • Creating an AI Chatbot with LaMDA
  • Writing papers
  • Writing News 

LaMDA can handle almost all text tasks.However, LaMDA may still have certain limitations and may produce incorrect or toxic information. For further information, please refer to Google’s official documentation.

History of LaMDA

LaMDA 1: On May 18, 2021, Google announces original LaMDA AI model in I/O keynote

LaMDA 2: On May 11, 2022,LaMDA 2 announced at Google I/O keynote 

LaMDA closted beta:On August 25, 2022, Google launched the AI Test Kitchen APP, allowing users to try LaMDA, but they need to complete a sign-up form firstclos

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