MidJourney V5: The Most Advancing AI Text-to-Image Generator

Since ChatGPT has occupied the leading position in the AI Chatbot industry, people have been wondering whether OpenAI’s Dall-E/Dall-E2 series will dominate the next text-to-image field that can cause a lot of heat? Generally speaking, such fields with huge application prospects are often dominated by giant companies, such as Google and Microsoft. However, MidJourney V5, developed by a small independent research laboratory, is recognized as the best Text-to-Image Generator in the world.

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What Is MidJourney?

MidJourney is a Text-to-Image Generator developed by the MidJourney AI team in 2022. It can convert natural language descriptions into visual images. Based on deep learning techniques and Stable Diffusion, the program utilizes Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) to generate images corresponding to input text descriptions. MidJourney entered the public beta phase on July 12, 2022, and has gone through 5 versions of iterative upgrades in just one year, and now MidJourney is using the V5 version. MidJourney AI art can be applied in many fields, such as virtual reality, film production, game design, etc. It can help designers and creators quickly convert ideas into visual elements, thereby improving work efficiency. At the same time, MidJourney Bot can also be used in human-computer interaction, intelligent assistants and other fields to help users understand text content more intuitively.

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MidJourney Functions:

  • Text-to-image conversion: MidJourney can convert input natural language text into high-quality images.
  • Personalized image generation: MidJourney allows users to specify specific attributes of an image, such as color, shape, size, etc.
  • Diverse image generation: MidJourney can generate not only a single image, but also 4*4 images with different styles and appearances. This provides users with more choices and flexibility.
  • Image editing: MidJourney can edit the generated image, such as rotation, cropping, scaling, etc.

The Operating Logic of MidJourney

  • In MidJourney, text descriptions can be entered as short phrases or full paragraphs. The program converts the text description into a low-dimensional vector representation, which is then fed into a generator. The generator decodes this vector into an image and compares it to the real image. To train the generator, MidJourney uses a discriminator to distinguish generated images from real ones. The task of the discriminator is to judge whether the input image is generated or real, and it will give feedback to the generator according to the judgment result to guide the generator to generate a more realistic image.

    During the training process, MidJourney will continuously iterate the game between the generator and the discriminator to achieve the purpose of making the generated image as close as possible to the real image. Once the generator is trained, it can take any textual description and generate a corresponding image.

What Is MidJourney V5

On March 16, 2023, Midjourney announced the alpha version of the V5 algorithm, which can be tested by appending the “-v 5” option to the generated image prompt or by selecting the V5 version from the settings. According to Midjourney’s official announcement, it supports “a wider picture style range and more sensitive prompts response”, can generate more detailed images, and supports twice the image resolution of the previous version, that is, up to 2048*2048.

Some New Experimental Options in V5

You can use these parameters simply by adding “-” after Prompts

  • The “-tile” parameter can be used for seamless stitching of images
  • The “-ar” parameter can be used to create images with an aspect ratio greater than 2:1
  • “-iw” weighs the priority of image hints and text hints

Comparison of Images Generated by MidJourney V5 and V4 Models


The V5 model’s handling of character details and facial expressions is amazing. Compared with pure text-to-image technology, MidJourney AI is more like an art generator.

The Main Competitor of MidJourney V5

  1. DALL-E/DALL-E2: An image generation program developed by OpenAI that uses the Transformer model and GAN to generate various types of images, including animals, objects, and scenes. The image generation effect of DALL-E2 is very realistic, which has attracted a lot of attention and interest.
  2. NightCafe: NightCafe is a popular AI text-to-image generator on the market. It also has the function of converting pictures into artistic styles.
  3. Craiyon: Craiyon was formerly known as DALL-E mini,developed by researchers at Google and Hugging Face. Just type in a description and it will generate 9 different images based on your input.

MidJourney V5 Pricing

Like its predecessor, MidJourney V5 is available for free trial. You can also earn free usage hours by rating images generated on the site. Every day the top 1000 image scorers get an hour of GPU fast response time. MidJourney’s business pricing plan is as follows:










  • 3.3hr/mo GPU fast response time
  • Up to 3 parallel processing items and 10 queued items
  • 15hr/mo GPU fast response time
  • Up to 3 parallel processing items and 10 queued items
  • 30hr/mo GPU fast response time
  • Up to 15 parallel processing items and 10 queued items

How to Use MidJourney V5

Like the previous version, MidJourney V5 also needs to be logged in and used on the Discord platform. Currently, you only need to add “-V5” after Prompts to use the V5 model; if not, the V4 model will be used by default.

You can read our previously published detailed tutorial on MidJourney registration and use for more information.

Midjourney Prompt Guide

Midjourney is currently the most outstanding image generation tool, yet generating high-quality images can be quite challenging. The Midjourney Prompt Guide will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to use Midjourney, covering aspects such as login methods, usage process, common commands and prompts, as well as prohibited words. Particularly in the prompt section, we will offer the most scientific and meticulous classification, aiming to help users easily master Midjourney’s techniques and fully unleash the artistic creative potential of AI.


Compared to other AI Text-to-Image generators that are more inclined toward photo-style conversions, Midjourney is more of a painting tool. As Midjourney states on its website, it aims to “explore new mediums of thought and expand the human imagination”.

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