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What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is an ai copywriting assistant using OpenAI’s GPT-3. Users simply need to click the button, and the AI will continue writing for them. ShortlyAI writes interactively with users and can write short stories, long articles, blog posts and other types of articles based on keywords provided by the user. It also allows users to give commands to optimize text paragraphs. It has been noticed and covered by NBC NEWS, The Telegraph, and has been acquired by

Price: $79/ mo
Tag: AI writing,AI Writing Generator,AI Story Generator
Release time: 2020
Developer:Qasim Munye

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ShortlyAI features

  • Output text for users based on keywords
  • Allows users to optimize writing with /commands. Sentences can be rewritten, shortened, and extended by using imperative sentences.
  • Output text that is completely original and passes all common plagiarism checking programs.
  • Output relevant content and suggestions based on users’ creative ideas.

ShortlyAI use cases

  • short story
  • long essay
  • blog post
  • Brain storm meeting
  • fast writing
  • e-mail
  • Youtube video copywriting
  • Short news
  • And other places where there is a need for high-quality copywriting

ShortlyAI Price





$65 /month

$79 /month


  • with 2 months free
  • cancel anytime,billed anually
  • powerful commands help you write faster
  • improve your writing skills
  • AI updates:getting better with time

  • cancel anytime,billed anually
  • powerful commands help you write faster
  • improve your writing skills
  • AI updates:getting better with time

How to login in ShortlyAI account?

  1. Enter, click login, if you do not have an account, you need to complete the register first
  2. Click sign up in the upper right corner
  3. Sign up with your APPLE/Facebook/Email account
  4. After confirming the email address and password, return to the login page to log in
shortly ai sign up

How to use Shortly AI?

  1. Log in to your previously registered account
  2. Enter the following page, which is in the free trial state
  3. Choose your writing mode
  4. Click Start writing
  5. Enter your title and the length of the article you want to control
  6. ShortlyAI will help you generate paragraphs, and you can choose to use them directly or rewrite them yourself.

 If you are satisfied with the trial, you can purchase the service. No App available now.

ShortlyAI Review

Great Software

extremely easy to use,no limits on the number of documents you can create, much more refined and offer more options than the some other AI writing tool.


While I can’t say it’s the best AI for writing today, it does provide a framework for essays, and you usually get good advice on content outlines.


How does it work?

We write with you using OpenAI’s GPT-3. GPT-3 has been trained on a huge amount of text (nearly 500 billion words) in order to “learn” how to write.

What is it and why?

We’re using advanced artificial intelligence to extend your creativity and write for you. Just click a button and AI will write for you.

Is the AI output original?

Very easy to use, unlimited number of documents you can create, offers more options than some other AI writing tools.

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