Vocal Remover: The Most Powerful AI Vocal Separator

Are you troubled by extracting the accompaniment music from songs? Don’t worry, vocal remover is here to help! Vocal remover is an AI-driven online vocal separator that not only helps you extract the vocals and instrumentals from audio but also allows you to edit audio by mixing different sounds together. Whether you are a music producer, DJ, dancer, or a karaoke enthusiast, you can customize your sound according to your needs.

What is Vocal Remover?

Vocal remover is a powerful vocal separator that can extract the voice and background sounds like piano, guitar, bass, etc. from audio according to the user’s needs. After uploading the audio that needs to be separated, the AI-driven vocal remover will process it to separate the voice from the instruments. After processing, two outputs will be obtained: the background version of the audio (with the voice removed) and the pure vocal version (with the music removed). Martin Dawe, the founder of vocal separation, is also the creator of Neuratron’s RipX and PhotoScore applications.

Price: $7.99~$59.99
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Vocal Remover Special Feature

  • Voice remover from song
    : Using powerful AI algorithms to separate vocals and music in a song.
  • Audio speed adjuster and pitch shifter: Change the pitch and speed of a song by adjusting the pitch and bpm sliders.
  • Audio cutter: Edit and trim online any audio file.
  • Audio integration: Merge multiple tracks together.
  • Record voice for a song: Sing and record, adjust the sound, and save the complete song.
  • Find BPM: Analyze music and find the pitch, key, and BPM of any song.
  • Audio recording: Record any voice and save it for editing purposes.

How to use Vocal Remover

  • Open Vocal Remover and select the music file to be separated.
  • Once the music file is processed, the AI-driven system will immediately separate the vocals from the instruments.
  • Find the desired vocal file or background sound file and download for offline playback

How is Vocal Remover Priced

There are currently two versions of Vocal Remover, one is Vocal Remover and the other is Vocal Remover Pro. There are some differences in permissions between the two versions, as detailed in the table. It should be noted that if you want to separate vocals from audio that is over 30 seconds long, you will need to purchase the Vocal Remover Pro version.


Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover Pro





  • Reduce or eliminate vocals and singing in any online music
  • Supports multiple file formats - MP3, M4A, OGG, AC3, ACC
  • Accessible via any web browser
  • Accessible from any operating system
  • Remove or reduce vocals and singing from any MP3 track
  • Unlimited usage - create as many karaoke tracks as you want
  • Lightning-fast speed - processing an average of 10 seconds per track
  • Intuitive user interface - even your grandma can use it

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Not necessarily, often times Vocal Remover can greatly reduce vocals, but not necessarily completely remove them.

No, it is a paid software with different pricing for Vocal Remover and Vocal Remover Pro. Refer to the table for specific details.

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