HitPaw: Art Generator for One-click Art Creation

HitPaw is an AI online Art Generator, dedicated to providing users with the best multimedia software, helping users create, share wonderful videos, music and photos on any platform and any device. Start with HitPaw, unleash your creativity and create endless possibilities.

What is HitPaw?

HitPaw is an AI online Art Generator released by Zohar Gilad and his team in 2019. Its main function is to use AI technology to create and edit pictures and videos. Due to its powerful functions and simple operation, it is now widely popular all over the world, and has entered more than 160 countries around the world, with more than 23 million users. With the slogan “Record. Create. Enjoy. Share.”, HitPaw is committed to providing users with creative and effective multimedia tools.

Price: $9.99~$99.99
Tag: AI Art Generator
Release time: 2019
Developer(s): Zohar Gilad
Users: 491K

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Features of HitPaw?

HitPaw has a variety of functions, and it can quickly complete image editing and video editing, use AI technology to stimulate creativity, and make digital life simple and exciting.

  • Video Converter: Faster video conversion without quality loss
  • Photo Enhancer: Enhance picture quality with one click
  • Video Enhancer: Improve video with AI technology, upscale low-resolution video up to 8K
  • Watermark Remover: Easily remove watermark from photos and videos
  • Video Editor: Simple and easy to use, edit videos easily
  • Screen Recorder: The Best Screen Recorder to Record Every Idea
  • Compressor: Quickly reduce image and video file size
  • HitPaw MiraCut: A variety of templates are available,which can help you complete the creation with one click

HitPaw App

HitPaw App is a HitPaw mobile application developed for mobile device users, which can be downloaded and used on Apple phones, Android phones, iPads and other devices

Advantages of HitPaw App

  • The device has better practicability, are more stable and has faster response when users use it
  • After installing the APP, it is more flexible to use and can be used on mobile phones anytime, anywhere
  • Better security, able to protect the user’s data security to the greatest extent
  • Easy for video sharing, and you can share the video to all social media with one click

HitPaw App Download

HitPaw App can be downloaded from the App Store, G-play or HitPaw official website. Users can choose according to the mobile phone system. iOS can be downloaded from the App Store, and Android can be downloaded from G-play.

HitPaw for PC

HitPaw is an application developed for PC users, for Windows and Linux systems, and you can just click the link below to add.

HitPaw Online

HitPaw Online is a web version of HitPaw that can be used in a browser without installing any client. Open the official website of HitPaw and you can use it.

Price of HitPaw

The price of HitPawd products are different in different systems, as shown in the following table


Windows products

iOS products

HitPaw Video Converter



HitPaw Photo Enhancer



HitPaw Watermark Remover



HitPaw Video Editor



HitPaw Screen Recorder



HitPaw Video Enhancer



HitPaw Compressor



How to Login to a HitPaw Account?

  1. Enter the official website, and click “log in” in the top right
  2. Enter your usual email information, or directly use your Google account to login

How to Use HitPaw?

  1. In order to save information better, please log in first
  2. After logging in, click “start editing”
  3. Upload the picture or video to HitPaw
  4. You can use various functions to edit

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