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What is HitPaw?

HitPaw is a dynamic multimedia tool designed to cater to various creative needs in the realm of audio, video, and photo editing. It stands out for its dedication to offering creative and effective tools that enhance the user experience. The platform’s philosophy revolves around the slogan “Record. Create. Enjoy. Share.” This encapsulates its commitment to providing tools that are not just functional but also enhance the joy and creativity in multimedia tasks​​.

HitPaw Details

Price: $9.99~$99.99
Tag: Furry AI Art Generator
Release time: 2019
Developer(s): Zohar Gilad
Users: 491K

Key Features of HitPaw

  1. Video Conversion: Offers lossless conversion of videos, audio, images, and DVDs at remarkable speeds. It also includes the ability to convert music from popular streaming services for offline listening​​.
  2. Voice Changer: Real-time voice alteration capabilities for various applications like gaming, live streaming, and VOIP software, compatible with platforms like Discord, ZOOM, Google Meet, YouTube, and many gaming environments​​.
  3. AI Sound Enhancer: An online tool to improve audio quality by reducing background noise, hiss, and other unwanted sounds​​.
  4. Video Editing: Enables seamless cutting, cropping, merging, and trimming of videos with a range of effects, filters, and advanced functions like speed control and video stabilization​​.
  5. AI Image Enhancer: Enhances image quality and enlarges images without compromising quality, using advanced AI technology​​.
  6. AI Video Upscaler: Improves and upscales low-resolution videos up to 8K, ensuring high-quality output​​.
  7. Video Object Tracking: Utilizes AI to identify and track moving objects in videos, maintaining resolution and visual appeal​​.

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