OpenAI Classifier: A Plagiarism Checker to Detect AI-written Text

Plagiarism has always been one of the most hated acts, and with the development of technology, detecting plagiarized content has become even more difficult with AI-generated articles based on existing copyrighted content. However, no one knows these tools better than the inventors themselves, and in response to this concern, OpenAI has released a Classifier to help people identify AI-written Text.

What is Classifier?

Classifier, an AI-written Text plagiarism checker released by OpenAI on January 31, 2023, can differentiate between AI-written and human-written text. Classifier will help people identify text generated by artificial intelligence, mitigating the issue of academic fraud due to AI-generated content. In fact, large-scale natural language models trained on text have faced this problem since their inception, and as technology advances, it will become increasingly difficult to distinguish AI-generated content, which could pose a significant challenge to human order in the long run. Both the AI plagiarism checker and AI creators are equally important from a security standpoint.

OpenAI stated in its introduction that “Our classifier is not fully reliable. In our evaluations on a “challenge set” of English texts, our classifier correctly identifies 26% of AI-written text (true positives) as “likely AI-written,” while incorrectly labeling human-written text as AI-written 9% of the time (false positives).” It can be concluded that the Classifier is not yet mature enough to fully recognize AI-written Text, but OpenAI said it will continue to optimize the model, it is believed that with the increase of training data, OpenAI’s Classifier will be more and more accurate.

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How to Use OpenAI Classifier?

OpenAI Classifier is available for free and can be accessed by logging in to your Classifier account, which is the same as your OpenAI account and has the same registration process.

Please note: Currently, OpenAI Classifier technology is not mature enough and should not be solely relied upon to identify AI-generated content.

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