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What is WiseCut?

WiseCut is a cloud-based AI online video editing tool, which can help users create and edit video content easily and quickly, im templaproving video quality and efficiency. WiseCut also provides a library of pre-made videotes that can help users create professional-looking videos in a moment without any design or editing skills.

Price: Free or starting $10/mo
Tags: Video Editing Podcasting

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Functions of WiseCut

WiseCut Main Functions

  • Auto Crop Videos: WiseCut can automatically crop your videos to fit various aspect ratios of different social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, so you don’t need to spend time manually adjusting videos to fit each platform’s specifications.
  • Video Editing Tools Provided: WiseCut provides various editing tools such as trim, crop, merge and add music, text, transitions, filters and effects to enhance your video content and make it more attractive and professional.
  • Premade Video Templates: WiseCut provides a library of premade video templates that you can use to create videos quickly and easily without any design or editing skills. Templates are customizable, so you can add your own content and adjust colors and fonts to match your branding.
  • Social Media Scheduling: WiseCut allows you to schedule and post your videos on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at a specific time and date, which can save your time and increase the efficiency of your social media marketing.
  • Cloud-Based: WiseCut is a cloud-based tool that you can access on any device with an Internet connection, and you don’t need to install any software or worry about storage space on your device.
  • Free Trial: WiseCut offers a free trial so you can test the software first and see if it’s right for your video editing needs.

WiseCut Roadmap

The WiseCut Roadmap is a plan outlining the features and updates WiseCut plans to release in the future, some of the upcoming features include:

  • AI-driven video editing tools: WiseCut plans to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automate some aspects of video editing, such as color grading, audio leveling, and even provide users with suggestions for editing videos.
  • Multilingual Support: WiseCut team is working hard to add multilingual support so that creators from all over the world can use the tool in their native language.
  • Team collaboration: WiseCut plans to add the ability to allow multiple users to work on the same project at the same time, making collaboration and teamwork easier.
  • Mobile App: WiseCut is also developing a mobile app that will allow users to edit videos when they use smartphones or tablets anytime anywhere.

Attention: WiseCut Roadmap is subject to change, and the features and updates listed may not be released in the exact order or schedule stated. However, WiseCut Roadmap is a good overview of where WiseCut is headed and what features users would like to see in the future.

How to use WiseCut?

  1. First you need to register an account, click “Sign in” in the upper right of WiseCut
  2. Click the “Create an account” button
  3. Fill in the relevant information and click “Create”
  4. Upload video: After logging in, upload the video you want to edit. Videos can be uploaded from computer, Google Drive or Dropbox
  5. Select social media platform: WiseCut will automatically detect the aspect ratio of the video and suggest social media platforms to match it. You can also manually select the platform
  6. Edit Video: Use the editing tools provided by WiseCut to trim your video, add music, text, filters, effects and transitions to make it more attractive and professional looking
  7. Preview and Export Video: Preview your video and make any final adjustments. You can export your videos to your computer or upload them directly to social media channels

How to login WiseCut account?

    1. Visit WiseCut official website.
    2. Click the “Sign in” button in the upper right of the page
    3. Enter your email address and password
    4. Click the “Login” button

Once logged in, you can start editing videos with WiseCut video editing tools and create engaging content for your social media channels.

WiseCut Pricing



$10/mo(billed annually), $15/mo(billed monthly)

$29/mo(billed annually), $57/mo(billed monthly)

AI Video Processing

30 min/mo

8 hours/mo (2x)(billed annually),

4 hours/mo(billed monthly)

30 hours/mo (3x)(billed annually),

10 hours/mo(billed monthly)


720p max

1080p max

4k max





File Length

30 min/file

60 min/file

90 min/file

File Size






No Watermark

No Watermark

Other Services

Auto cut silences

Smart background music

AI storyboard

Auto subtitles


YouTube integration

AI-powered audio ducking

+ limited-time premium features

Everything in Free +

Subtitles auto translation

Facial recognition auto punch-in

Studio voice

Background noise-canceling

Sound waves for audio files

Facial recognition aspect ratio conversion (landscape, vertical

Everything in Free +

Subtitles auto translation

Facial recognition auto punch-in

Studio voice

Background noise-canceling

Sound waves for audio files

Facial recognition aspect ratio conversion (landscape, vertical


Which social media platforms does WiseCut support?

WiseCut supports multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

Is there a fee for WiseCut?

WiseCut offers a variety of paid plans, including free plans and monthly/annual plans. Users can choose a suitable package according to their needs, and decide whether to continue using it after the trial period.

What are the editing tools of WiseCut?

WiseCut’s editing tools include video cropping, text addition, music selection, filters and special effects, etc., which help users create more creative and visually appealing video content.


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