Sudowrite:Writing Easier with AI

What is Sudowrite?

Sudowrite was created in 2020 by Amit Gupta and James Yu as an online AI writing assistant to help users enhance their writing abilities. The platform’s goal is to aid writers in rapidly producing top-notch content through AI technology, which provides inspiration for writing. Sudowrite offers suggestions for grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, as well as superior replacements for certain phrases. Additionally, it can automatically generate text based on user input, making it an ideal tool for improving various literary works, such as essays, articles, and stories.

Price: Starting $19
Tag: AI writing assistant,AI Response Generator,NSFW AI Writer
Release time: 2020
Developer(s): Amit&James
Users: 304K

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Sudowrite Functions

  • Writing assistance: Sudowrite provides advice on sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary to help improve writing quality
  • Text generation: Sudowrite can generate text based on user-given prompts or topics
  • Content expansion: Sudowrite helps authors diverge their writing thinking by recommending related topics or content on similar topics
  • Style Improvement: Sudowrite can analyze the user’s writing style and suggest improvements
  • Automated Editing: Sudowrite helps users save time by automating tedious tasks such as typesetting, citation management, and proofreading

How to Login Sudowrite?

  1. Enter the Sudowrite website, click “Log in” in the upper right corner
  2. Read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  3. Enter your email address, or directly use your Google account or Facebook account
  4. Click Continue to complete the login

How to Use Sudowrite?

  1. Go to the Sudowrite website and complete the login
  2. Click “+ New” in the upper left corner of the page
  3. Then type in the text box
  4. Select what needs to be rewritten
  5. Then select the function, Descire, Rewrite or Brainstorm, etc.
  6. Click “GO” on the right, so that Sudowrite will automatically rewrite the text for you
  7. If you are not satisfied, you can still continue with manual editing

Sudowrite Alternative

  • Grammarly: Grammarly is a popular writing tool that helps you improve your grammar and style. It offers spelling, grammar, and punctuation suggestions, as well as advanced features such as tone and clarity analysis
  • Prose Media: Prose Media provides content creation services, producing high-quality written content for businesses and individuals
  • QuillBot: QuillBot is a paraphrase tool that uses AI to rewrite text differently, it is useful for generating new ideas or creating unique content based on existing material
  • Articoolo: Articoolo is another content creation tool that uses AI to generate articles and blog posts. It helps you research topics, write outlines and write articles, saving you time and effort

Sudowrite Pricing


Hobby & Student








  • 30,000 AI words/month
  • Good for short stories, blog posts, or essays
  • 90,000 AI words/month
  • Good for longer works, like a novel or screenplay
  • 300,000
  • AI words/month
  • For those looking to work AI deeply into their process

Sudowrite Reviews

Stephen Marche

So far, I think it’s great. It has replaced my copywriter and saved me hundreds of dollars in fees. He has also helped me improve my promotional copy.

Stephen Marche

ChatGPT is very interesting, it even reads what you are saying like a real person, and most of the responses are logical in human speech, it’s shocking!


I tried to get ChatGPT to write a poem about the sea for me, it was so brilliant, there must be other guys using it to talk about all sorts of crazy things lol.

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