Fingerprint for Success: AI Goal Management Assistant

What is Fingerprint for Success?

Fingerprint for Success is an online AI analysis platform created by Michelle Duval in 2015 to help users achieve their goals. Anyone can set goals in work and life in Fingerprint for Success and be supervised by it. Fingerprint for Success offers a range of assessments, lessons and tools to help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses and track the completion of their goals. It also provides advice and strategies to help users reach their full potential and achieve success in their chosen fields success.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI analysis platform
Release time: 2015
Developer(s): Michelle Duval
User: 254K

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Fingerprint for Success Functions

Services for Enterprise Teams

  • Personnel analysis: AI technology analyzes the working situation of personnel, and has an in-depth understanding of team dynamics and problems that need to be solved
  • Provide advice: compare the team to the world’s most successful businesses and suggest areas for improvement
  • Screen talent: When recruiting talent, help identify ideal candidates based on job fit
  • Cultural construction: provide suggestions for the development of corporate culture, and help enterprises to carry out brand building at the same time

Services for Individuals

  • Goal setting: help set realistic and achievable goals according to the user’s personal situation
  • Developing Skills: Helps users improve career skills through various assessments and courses
  • Improve happiness: Provide psychological counseling to improve users’ mental health and enhance work and life happiness
  • Provides coaching: Users can choose to have AI coach Marlee track their progress towards their goals, or they can choose to communicate with a real coach

How to Register and login the Fingerprint for Success Account?

  1. Enter the Fingerprint for Success website, click “Login” or “Start free” in the upper right corner
  2. Enter an email address and password to create a Fingerprint for Success account, you can also choose to use your Google or Facebook account
  3. Click Sign up to log in successfully

How to use Fingerprint for Success?

  1. Enter the  Fingerprint for Success website and login
  2. Select one of your modules, for example “My Goals”
  3. Enter your goal in the prompt box and click OK
  4. Take the assessment to let Fingerprint for Success know about you
  5. Next, Fingerprint for Success will provide you with suggestions

Fingerprint for Success Pricing

There are three charging plans for Fingerprint for Success, please refer to the table below for details.






$0 /month

$9.60 /month

$9.60 /month


  • View results for 48 motivational traits
  • Connect and view results of friends
  • Benchmark yourself and others
  • Rank yourself and others
  • Access to free Coach Marlee programs
  • View & compare up to 5 people in a team
  • The first four features of the Free version
  • Unlimited access to Coach Marlee programs
  • View & compare unlimited team members
  • Annually take F4S to compare your results over time
  • The first four features of the Free version
  • Unlimited access to premium Coach Marlee programs
  • View & compare unlimited team members
  • View organization's aggregated F4S data
  • Single SignOn (SSO) - SAML
  • Admin control over data and members
  • Bulk invite members
  • API sync F4S data to other tools

Fingerprint for Success Salary

Fingerprint for Success is currently recruiting talents, expanding the team, and providing multiple jobs, such as Product Manager, Conversation Designer, etc. How much do Fingerprint for Success employees make? More and more Fingerprint for Success employees have shared their salary information on the Internet. But for specific questions, you can follow the official information or contact the official consultation directly.

Is Fingerprint for Success Legit?

Yes, all information about users in Fingerprint for Success is uploaded by users themselves, and users can decide how much information they want to let Fingerprint for Success know according to their wishes. Of course, the more information users provide, the more accurate the analysis results will be, but Fingerprint for Success will not obtain user information through other channels and channels.

Fingerprint for Success Reviews

Lorraine Longato
Lorraine Longato

There are times when I completely forget that’s AI. I actually feel like I’m talking to someone and it’s really very soulful.

Reshmi Buthello
Reshmi Buthello

After using Fingerprint for Success, my mindset about goals has changed. I’ve spent most of my life trying to find purpose and now I have a complete plan!

Jeri Childers
Jeri Childers

Simply fantastic, really helped me reflect on my decision making with new eyes and boosted my confidence. 200% recommended!

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