TLDR This: AI Article Summarizer That Extracts Key Information Just One Click

What is TLDR This?

TLDR This is an online AI article summarization tool created by Malcolm Scovil that helps users extract key information from any article. It summarizes important information from massive amounts of information and helps users free themselves from information overload. TLDR This compresses long articles into concise and easy-to-understand content on the basis of retaining the meaning of the original text, helping users reduce reading time and focus on more valuable things. TLDR This also provides a browser plug-in, users can use the web version or download the plug-in.

Price: Starting Free
Tag: AI Article Summarizer
Developer(s): Malcolm Scovil
Users: 494K

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TLDR This AI Functions

  • Automatic article summarization: TLDR This can help users extract key information from long articles
  • Support to extract a variety of data information: TLDR This can not only extract key information of articles, but also extract author and date information from news articles and blog articles
  • Ad-free reading: TLDR This eliminates ads, pop-ups, and other online distractions to provide users with a great reading environment

How to Login TLDR This?

  1. Enter the TLDR This website, click “Sign up” in the upper right corner
  2. Enter email and other information, click “GET STARTED”
  3. Check your mailbox to see if you have received the verification link from TLDR This, if not, please click “RESEND”
  4. Click the verification link, then you can get a TLDR This account and complete the login

TLDR This Pricing












  • basic function
  • 10 Advanced AI Summaries (one-time)
  •  Upto 10 Paraphrases (one-time)
  • basic function
  • 100 Advanced AI Summaries /month
  •  Upto 100 Paraphrases /month
  • basic function
  • 500 Advanced AI Summaries /month
  •  Upto 500 Paraphrases /month
  • Priority Support
  • basic function
  • Unlimited Advanced AI Summaries /month
  •  Upto 1000 Paraphrases /month
  • Priority Support

Who is TLDR This for?

  • Student
  • Teacher
  • People who frequently access the internet
  • Reporter
  • And many more who need condensed information

TLDR This Reviews

Vera: TLDR This helps me extract important information from news articles. It’s very helpful to save my time.

Jesse: When I don’t want to read long and complicated articles, I turn to TLDR This, which is a good way to summarize information.


How do I use Google TLDR This?

Search for the TLDR This plug-in in Google Chrome, click Add to Chrome, and then click the TLDR This logo when browsing articles or web pages.

What software is similar to TLDR This?

TLDR This is an AI article summary tool. There are similar softwares, such as  Abbreviated, Brief, Succinct, etc.

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