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What is WebGPT?

WebGPT is an advanced iteration of the GPT-3 model, fine-tuned by OpenAI to enhance its ability to answer open-ended questions with higher factual accuracy. This enhancement is achieved through the integration of a text-based web browser, allowing the AI to perform online research. WebGPT mimics human-like research behavior by submitting search queries, following links, and scrolling through web pages to gather information. This approach enables the model to cite sources, making its responses not only more accurate but also verifiable. WebGPT represents a significant leap in AI’s capability to handle complex, real-world knowledge queries, reducing the tendency of AI to generate incorrect or “hallucinated” information, especially in areas requiring specialized or obscure knowledge.

WebGPT Details

Price: Unknown
Tag: AI Chatbot
Developer(s): OpenAI
Release time: Unknown

Key Features of WebGPT

  • Enhanced Factual Accuracy: Utilizes web browsing to provide more accurate answers.
  • Source Citation Capability: Trained to cite sources, improving the verifiability of its responses.
  • Handling of Open-Ended Questions: Specialized in answering a wide range of open-ended queries.
  • Reduction in Information Hallucination: Less likely to generate incorrect information.
  • Text-Based Web Browsing Integration: Employs a text-based browser for online research.
  • Training with Human Feedback: Improved through training that incorporates human preferences and feedback.
  • Adaptable to Various Topics: Capable of researching and responding to diverse subject matters.
  • Use of Microsoft Bing Web Search API: Leverages Bing’s search API for web browsing.

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