AI Recipe Generator: Enter The Ingredients To Get The Recipe

What is AI Recipe Generator?

AI Recipe Generator is an AI recipe tool developed by Janelle Shane in 2020 that allows users to input ingredients and automatically generate recipes. By analyzing the components and flavors of the ingredients, AI Recipe Generator provides suitable cooking methods that result in both delicious and innovative dishes while considering various nutritional components.In addition to generating recipes, AI Recipe Generator can also suggest ingredient substitutes, cooking techniques, and recipe modifications based on user preferences and feedback. Overall, the tool is designed to create high-quality and personalized culinary experiences for its users.

Price: $0.99
Tag: AI Recipe Generator
Release time: 2020
Developer(s): Janelle Shane

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AI Recipe Generator Functions

  • Automatically generate recipes based on the ingredients given by the user
  • Analyze the calories and nutrient content of various foods
  • Teaching food cooking skills
  • Provide food alternatives according to user preferences

How to Register an AI Recipe Generator Account?

  1. Enter AI Recipe Generator official website
  2. Click “Register” in the upper right corner
  3. Then enter your username, email address and password
  4. Finally, click “Register”

How to Use AI Recipe Generator?

Onetone AI can be downloaded from the official website or Google Chrome Web Store.

  1. Enter AI Recipe Generator official website and complete the login
  2. Click “Make Recipe”
  3. Input ingredients
  4. Click “Receive Recipe”, then you can get a complete recip

Examples of Recipes Generated by AI Recipe Generator

The AI Recipe Generator is an incredibly powerful tool that, upon being provided with ingredients, will tell you which additional ingredients are needed and the cooking method required. Its functionality is illustrated in the following image.

AI Recipe Generator Pricing

AI Recipe Generator is charged according to the number of times it is used, and it costs $0.99 once

AI Recipe Generator Reviews

Toby: Whenever I’m unsure about how to cook the ingredients I have at home, I turn to the AI Recipe Generator for help. It’s truly a great ally in the kitchen!

Ambrowse: The recipes provided by the AI Recipe Generator are incredibly comprehensive, so all you have to do is follow the instructions and you won’t make any mistakes!

Alethea:Sometimes there are many ways to prepare the same ingredient, and the AI Recipe Generator is truly amazing.

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