Duolingo: A Perfect Way to Learn A New Language

What is ChatGPT?

Duolingo is a language learning website founded in 2012 by Luis von Ahn. The special feature of Duolingo is that it is based on users contributing their own language knowledge to assist in the creation of Duolingo courses, which means direct and efficient interactive language learning between users. Duolingo uses GPT3 for automatic grammar correction, uses Amazon Polly to implement text-to-speech functions, and analyzes user data based on the PyTorch deep learning framework on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to tailor learning solutions for users.

Price: Free
Tag: language learning
Release time: 2012
Developer: Luis von Ahn

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Duolingo Features

  • Using artificial intelligence to provide personalized learning solutions
  • Gamified learning, motivating challenges, learning is no longer boring
  • Anytime, anywhere, simple and efficient course arrangement
  • More than 23 language courses, support 25 language learning
  • Authoritative certification examination evaluation system

Doulingo Exam/Test

Duolingo offers online English proficiency tests that are accepted by more than 4,000 institutions or colleges around the world. No need to make an appointment, everyone can choose the time and place that suits them best to take the test.

Doulingo Plus

Doulingo is free for using, but it also has more versions as Super Doulingo and Doulingo for Business.

Doulingo Pricing










Rich learning content

  • Rich learning content
  • No ads, no learning time limit
  • Tailor-made study plan
  • Suitable for team study
  • No ads, no learning time limit
  • Provide Learning Monthly Report
  • More than 100 courses in 41 languages

Duolingo Memes

Some internet memes about Duolingo usage.

Duolingo APP

Click links below to download Duolingo APP.

Duolingo Login

  1. Enter Duolingo,click Get Started.If you already have an account,you should click I Already Have An Account.
  2. Choose a language you want to learn. 
  3. Answer some questions.You’ll have a basic test.
  4. After finishing your test,creating your profile
  5. Login in by facebook or google or Create an account with your Email and password.
  6. After successfully verifying your email and password, you will be automatically logged in.
step 5

How to use Duolingo?

  1. Log in to your previously registered account.
  2. You can find your course here.
  3. You can buy some items to help you study in the shop. 
  4.  Attention:Some service needs extra purchase.

Duolingo Reviews

Malcolm Mitchell: Learn Italian the fun way.

Karl S: Duolingo is free to use and gamifies language learning, which is very attractive.

Ken Korn: I have been a Duolingo user for more than 5 years, and it seems that the user experience of the ad-free version of the app is better.


What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning websites in the world. Duolingo’s mission is to develop and make accessible the best language education in the world.

How do I report a problem with a sentence or translation?

When you find an error in a sentence or translation, please report the incorrect sentence directly to the course creator.

Is my personal data safe?

Yes.You need to provide your email address to create an account,but we can   promise we never share personal data or use it for profits.

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