How to Use Janitor AI? Is Janitor AI Safe?

In this era of rapid technological advancement, Janitor AI, an advanced AI assistant, is leading a new trend. But is it really safe and reliable? Let’s delve into it.

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What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI, the emerging role-playing chatbot website, stands at the forefront of the interactive conversation era. As an innovative platform, Janitor AI offers a diverse range of character choices, particularly anime-style characters, allowing users to freely engage in conversations with virtual personas.

This unique platform not only breaks the boundaries of traditional chatbots but also provides a range of adult-oriented content, including some adult-themed discussions. However, Janitor AI also takes into consideration the needs of users across different age groups and offers character interactions suitable for all ages.

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Function of Janitor AI

  • Character Interactions: Janitor AI offers a rich library of characters, including popular anime characters, video game characters, and original characters, allowing users to freely engage in conversations and interactions with these AI personas. It provides adult-oriented content while also offering safe and age-appropriate characters, enabling users to choose suitable characters for their interactions based on their preferences.
  • Character Search and Categorization: Janitor AI’s powerful search function allows users to easily find characters they are interested in and interact with them. Additionally, Janitor AI provides various character categories, including gender, personality traits, and sources, to help users filter characters based on their preferences.
  • Trend Tracking: Janitor AI features a “Trends” section showcasing the most popular characters recently, keeping users updated on which characters are currently trending and beloved by the community.
  • Community Engagement: Janitor AI provides a community platform where users can share and discuss their experiences, exploring this fun and imaginative world of AI characters together with other users.
  • On-Premises Deployment: Janitor AI has the capability to be deployed locally, allowing users to run Janitor AI on their own systems and utilize their own computing resources for operations.

Security Issues with AI Chatbots

In the world of AI chatbots, we face some important security issues. Just like sailing on the vast ocean, we need to be vigilant about potential risks. Here are some detailed security concerns:

  1. Data Security: User conversations with chatbots may contain sensitive information, such as personal identities, financial details, or other sensitive data. Users expect these data to be adequately protected and encrypted during transmission and storage to prevent unauthorized access and misuse.
  2. Misleading and Inaccuracy: Since chatbots are built on pre-trained models, they can produce errors, misleading, or inaccurate responses. People are concerned about whether chatbots can provide reliable and accurate information and avoid misleading users.
  3. AI Bias: People are concerned about whether AI chatbots exhibit bias or discriminatory behavior. This is like hidden currents in the ocean that can inadvertently harm certain groups. They worry that chatbots may reflect and exacerbate societal biases, resulting in unfair treatment of certain groups.
  4. Jailbreaking: This refers to the misuse of AI language models, similar to cracking a phone’s operating system to gain more control. In this case, individuals can make the language model ignore its previous instructions and security safeguards through specific prompts, leading to inappropriate outputs. For example, someone may prompt the AI model to generate racist or conspiracy content or suggest users engage in illegal activities.
  5. Assisting Fraud and Phishing: AI chatbots can be maliciously exploited, such as injecting hidden prompts to alter the AI’s behavior in an attempt to obtain users’ credit card information, and so on. This is like pirates lurking in the dark, waiting to capture unaware prey. For instance, attackers may hide prompts on a website, and when the AI model accesses it, the hidden prompt guides the AI model to generate text attempting to obtain users’ credit card information.

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Is Janitor AI Safe to Use?

Janitor AI is generally considered safe and provides several features to protect users:

  1. Privacy Protection: Janitor AI has clear terms of use and privacy policies that explain how user data is collected and used. Users have the option to opt out if they do not wish to have their data collected.
  2. Data Protection: Janitor AI employs various security measures, such as encryption and firewalls, to safeguard user data.
  3. Content Moderation: Janitor AI has a team that reviews user content to identify and remove inappropriate or harmful content.

However, there are also potential risks associated with the platform:

  1. Privacy Concerns: Janitor AI collects user data, including conversations with the chatbot. While this data is used to improve the performance of the chatbot, there is a possibility that it could be used for other purposes, such as targeted advertising.
  2. Bias Potential: Janitor AI is trained on large amounts of text and code data, which may contain biases that could influence the chatbot’s responses.
  3. Misinformation Risk: Janitor AI is not a fact-checking service and may provide inaccurate or misleading answers.

To use Janitor AI safely, here are some recommendations:

  1. Be aware of the limitations of language models: Language models are not perfect and may provide incorrect or misleading information. Exercise caution when using Janitor AI and verify the information obtained from it through other sources.
  2. Pay attention to privacy risks: Janitor AI collects user data, including IP addresses, device information, and browsing history. This data could be used for tracking or targeted advertising. To mitigate these risks, consider using Janitor AI in private browsing mode and refrain from sharing personal information with it.
  3. Report harmful content: If you come across any harmful content on Janitor AI, such as hate speech or violent threats, report it to Janitor AI. You can do this by clicking the “Report” button next to the content.

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How to Use Janitor AI?

If you want to use Janitor AI as your personal chatbot, the startup process will be straightforward:

  1. Visit the Janitor AI website and log in to your Janitor AI account.
  2. Choose a character from the list that you like. Janitor AI offers a range of preset chatbots tailored to various industries and use cases.

Note: Characters marked with NSFW indicate the availability of adult content. Please select according to your needs.

  1. Click on “Chat with Character.”
  2. Set up the API when prompted. If not set up, the system will display ‘Not ready! Click to set up.’
  3. There are two API options: OpenAI or Kobold AI.

If you choose the OpenAI API setup:

  1. The first option is “My Own API Key.” Enter your OpenAI API key and click “Check API Key” to see if it works correctly. If it shows as valid, click “Save Settings” to start the conversation.

Note: Each key has a $5 free credit, and after that, you will need to pay according to OpenAI’s official pricing. Janitor AI’s Jailbreak Prompt can help you bypass some limitations of ChatGPT, such as explicit content.

  1. The second option is to use the “Reverse Proxy.” This is a community-provided reverse proxy for OpenAI. Please note that this version may have issues with strange conversations, slower speeds, or instability.
  2. After setting up the API key, you can also choose a preset style. There are five styles to choose from: Default, Freeform, Cegs, Romantic, and NSFW.

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Janitor AI's NSFW

Janitor AI offers users the option to access NSFW (Not Safe for Work) characters. By allowing this, the chatbot provides a certain level of flexibility and customization in content. It allows individuals to access a wider range of content without being restricted or censored based on adult or explicit material classifications.

However, Janitor AI has faced criticism from some users regarding its paywall. It is reported that individuals need to pay in order to engage in conversations with the chatbot. Some individuals have even claimed to have paid additional fees to have conversations in the manner they desire.

Overall, Janitor AI’s NSFW offering provides a level of flexibility for users to customize their online experience based on their personal preferences. However, it has sparked controversy due to the paywall associated with it.


All in all, Janitor AI offers a new interactive experience for users with its powerful features and strict security policies. While there are some potential risks, they can be minimized with careful use. Undoubtedly, Janitor AI is a big step towards our intelligent future.

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