Janitor AI: Chat with NSFW Fictional AI Characters

JanitorAI.com is an innovative chat platform in the realm of artificial intelligence. They create AI characters that engage deeply with users, offering rich dialogues and entertainment. What sets them apart is their focus on optimizing the user experience. They are developing new solutions, like JanitorLLM, to enhance the user experience. This article explores the world of JanitorAI.

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What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is a fantastic platform developed by janitorai.com that allows users to create NSFW AI chatbot characters with different personalities. The platform is powered by large language models, including OpenAI’s GPT models. One of the unique features of Janitor AI is its NSFW chat mode, which caters to a wide range of emotional needs.

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How to Use Janitor AI?

Using Janitor AI is a straightforward process. The platform provides an API options that allows user use 2 different large language model API as Janitor AI API. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Janitor AI:

Janitor AI API

Using OpenAI API

  1. Visit the Janitor AI website and sign up to create your own login.
  2. Once logged in, choose a character to chat with.
  3. Click on the “Chat” option associated with the selected character. Note that you won’t be able to initiate a chat immediately as it requires an API Key.
  4. To obtain an API Key, click on the “API not ready! Click to set up” button at the top of the screen. This action will open a dialog box with further instructions.
  5. Within the dialog box, select the API key you prefer for your chatbot. You can configure either OpenAI or Kobold AI.
  6. To get an OpenAI API key, create an account on the OpenAI website and generate a new key.
  7. Enter the OpenAI key and save the settings. You can now start using the Janitor AI and engage in conversations with your chosen character.

Using Kobold AI

  1. Choose Kobold AI in the API section. Here you need to enter the API URL generated by Kobold AI.
  2. To generate Kobold AI API URL, run Kobold AI in a machine with GPU.
  3. Enter the API Url and click Check Kobold URL.
  4. Save the settings. You can now start using the Janitor AI API with Kobold AI.

How to Use Janitor AI for Free?

Janitor AI offers a free tier that allows users to create and interact with chatbot characters without any cost. To use Janitor AI for free, users simply need to create an account on the Janitor AI website and start creating their chatbot characters. The free tier offers a wide range of features, including the ability to create multiple chatbot characters, access to all chat modes, and the ability to share chatbot characters with others.

Janitor AI Not Working

Why is Janitor AI Not Working?

There could be several reasons why Janitor AI is not working. One common issue is server overload due to high user traffic. This can cause the platform to become slow or unresponsive. Other potential issues could be related to bugs or errors in the software. The Janitor AI team is actively working to address these issues and improve the platform’s performance and reliability.

What to Do if Janitor AI Not Working?

If you encounter issues while using Janitor AI, there are several steps you can take. First, try refreshing the page or restarting your device. If the issue persists, check the Janitor AI website or social media channels for any updates or announcements about server issues or maintenance. If you still can’t resolve the issue, consider reaching out to Janitor AI’s customer support for assistance.

How to Delete OpenAI Account on Janitor AI

If you want to delete your OpenAI account on Janitor AI, you can follow this article: How to Delete OpenAI Account on Janitor AI: A Step-by-Step Guide

Data Security of JanitorAI

Is Janitor AI Safe?

Yes, Janitor AI is safe. Janitor AI is designed with user safety and privacy in mind. The platform does not have access to see your chats by default. Chats are private by default unless you share and make it public. Bots can be private/public and toggle between them.You can import any bot you want and start a chat. If you use a bot that you don’t own, please kindly set it to Private so the bot creator can post the public one.

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Use Reverse Proxy to Protect Your Privacy

ChatGPT Reverse Proxy

Reverse Proxy can hide your real privacy info and manage traffic flow and requests to a server. This technology not only ensures seamless operation but also adds an extra layer of protection and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for privacy protection.

Be Careful! Don't Use Moxxie Proxy When Using Janitor AI

According to a Reddit post, it was revealed that Moxie Proxy, a service that some users were using in conjunction with Janitor AI, had leaked users’ IP addresses and chat logs. This is a serious breach of privacy and security, and it’s strongly recommended that users stop using Moxxie Proxy immediately.

While the leaked IP addresses were public IPs, which don’t reveal your exact location, they can still provide a general idea of where you are located. Furthermore, the leaked chat logs could potentially contain sensitive information. Therefore, it’s crucial to always use secure and reliable services when interacting with platforms like Janitor AI. Always ensure that your privacy and data are protected.

Janitor AI Alternatives

While Janitor AI stands out with its unique features, there are other notable platforms offering similar services:

  1. Character AI: A platform for creating and interacting with AI characters. Users can customize characters’ personalities and share them with the community.

  2. Tavern AI: A chat-based environment for engaging with AI-generated text. Ideal for role-playing, generating fan fiction, and conversing with AI companions.

  3. Harpy Chat AI: Harpy Chat AI is an innovative, genre-agnostic AI role-playing platform that caters to a wide array of users, including those interested in NSFW content.

  4. Novel AI: A subscription-based service for AI-assisted writing and storytelling. It also includes a tool for image generation.

  5. Replika AI: Uses AI to engage in empathetic conversations with users. It adapts to user preferences for a personalized experience.

Janitor AI vs. Character AI

FeatureJanitor AICharacter AI
Character CreationYesYes
NSFW ModeYesNo
Free UsageYesYes
Data SecurityYesYes

This table provides a general comparison. Features may vary based on specific use cases and requirements.

Janitor AI LLM

Janitor LLM (JLLM) is a language model that is distinct from OpenAI’s models. It is designed for creators and users to interact with bots in a more refined manner. The guide provides insights into the expectations, common errors, user and creator responsibilities, and the differences between JLLM and OpenAI. It also offers detailed instructions on how to optimize the use of JLLM, including settings, scripting, and the importance of the initial message and scenario in bot interactions.

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jllm chart

When is Janitor LLM Released?

JLLM was RELEASED on 10/10/2023.

How to Use Janitor LLM?

  1. Expectations: Understand that the progress of JLLM might be steady and slow, as it’s primarily managed by a single individual. Users should set realistic expectations and be patient.
  2. Settings: Ensure that the API settings are correctly set to “Janitor LLM”. Refresh the LLM status if issues arise.
  3. Scripting: Creators should pay attention to scripting, especially the initial message and scenario, as they play a crucial role in the bot’s interaction style.
  4. Personality: This section is vital as it defines the bot’s character. It’s essential to be precise and avoid giving the bot too many options.
  5. Scenario: This is crucial for the LLM as it often falls back on this section. It’s advised to provide a detailed scenario to ensure the bot remains within the desired plot.
  6. Example Dialogue: This can help in refining the bot’s responses, especially in specific scenarios.
  7. Active Prompts: These can be added to the bot’s personality to guide its behavior and responses.
For a more in-depth understanding and detailed instructions, users and creators are advised to refer to the full guide.
Janitor AI llm beta

Official Resources of Janitor AI

Janitor AI Website

The official website of Janitor AI is https://janitorai.com/. Here, you can find all the information about the platform, its features, and how to use it.

Janitor AI Twitter

Janitor AI’s official Twitter account is @janitoraicom. Follow this account for the latest updates and news about Janitor AI.

Janitor AI Discord Server Link

Janitor AI also has a Discord server where users can join and interact with the community. You can join the server using this link: https://discord.com/invite/janitorai.

FAQ about Janitor AI

Yes, one of the unique features of Janitor AI is its NSFW chat mode. This mode caters to a wide range of emotional needs and allows for more mature and explicit conversations.

By default, Janitor AI does not have access to see your chats. Chats are private by default unless you share and make it public. 

Yes, Janitor AI offers a free tier that allows users to create and interact with chatbot characters without any cost. But if you use OpenAI’s GPT as language model, OpenAI API will cost you money.

Janitor AI already offers a free tier. However, they are also developing JanitorLLM, a large language model that will provide underlying support for Janitor AI as a free model in the future.

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