Zeeno: AI Mobile Keyboard Assistant

What is Zeeno?

Zeeno is an AI that helps you make your phone keypad smart. It can help you give sentence suggestions when writing a copy, and give you relevant information reference when you input content. Whether it is business advice or tonight’s recipe selection, you can get suggestions directly in Zenno, without using time to search for information by yourself, which greatly saves your time and improves your network experience!

Price: Free
Tag: AI keyboard assistant
Release time: None
Developer(s): Zeeno

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Zeeno Function

  • can help you rephrase your article content.
  • Give you relevant information when typing content.
  • Has a search engine function.
  • Give suggestions for your presentation and clarify your presentation.

Zeeno App

Zeeno provides apps on the App Store for users of the iOS system.

Zeeno Pricing

Zeeno is free, any user can go to the App Store to download and use it for free.


Is it free?

yes it’s free.

Can Android phones be used?

No, it is only available for iOS system.

What is Zeeno?

Zeeno is a smart keyboard AI assistant, it can make your keyboard more functional.

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