Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary: The Most Convenient Video Content Summarizer

What is Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary?

Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary is an AI tool that helps users summarize key information from Youtube videos. Prior to starting, users can input customized prompts to guide Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary’s focus on specific aspects of information, thereby obtaining more accurate summary text. Additionally, Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary offers a text-splitting feature that breaks lengthy paragraphs into shorter, more easily digestible sections for reading and comprehension.

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Developer(s): Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary

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Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary Features

  • Video Summary: Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary can automatically extract key information from Youtube videos and summarize key content
  • Manual summary: Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary allows users to submit the automatically summarized text to ChatGPT, and then perform a summary to obtain more streamlined content
  • Text splitting: Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary allows users to divide long articles into several sections according to certain standards for better reading
  • Prompt function: Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary allows users to enter custom prompt text before the video content summary, so as to guide Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary to accurately find out the information users need

Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary Download

Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary is currently only a browser extension available at the chrome web store download.

Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary Pricing

Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary provides free version and paid version, as shown in the following table.








Text summary

  • Automatically generate Summaries
  • Text splitting
  • Chatbot


Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary was developed to help us quickly summarize the important information contained in the video content, reduce the time and energy we need to browse the video, and thus improve work efficiency.

Certainly! You just need to download the Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary extension.

Youtube-Transcript-AI-Summary provides free version and paid version, users can choose according to their own needs.

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