Writemage: AI Writing Keyboard Based On ChatGPT

What is Writemage?

Writemage is a Chatgpt-based AI writing keyboard created by Cyrus Zhang in December 2022 that helps users create high quality content quickly. Writemage is available for most applications on MacOS and iOS. With ChatGPT, Writemage can automatically create new content based on context, or optimize content created by users themselves, and automatically save records in context situations. At the same time, Writemage can provide answers to users’ questions and provide users with a prompt editor that supports customization, which is very powerful.

Price: Starting $10
Tag: AI writing assistant
Release time: December 2022
Developer(s): Writemage

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Writemage Functions

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  • With ChatGPT, Writemage allows users to quickly create content and automatically helps users optimize content.
  • Writemage is available for a wide range of applications on either MacOS or iOS.
  • WriteMage can be used with the Notion, Google Docs, and Word tools for easy productivity gains.
  • WriteMage allows users to quickly use ChatGPT in applications, allowing ChatGPT to do more tools for users.
  • With ChatGPT, Writemage can respond to user questions.
  • Writemage automatically saves chat records.
  • Writemage provides a prompt editor that allows users to customize text prompts.
  • WriteMage can be used for multiple devices.

Writemage APP

Writemage provides users with computer applications and mobile applications, applicable to MacOS and iOS systems. Users can choose the download path according to their own conditions. The computer applications can be downloaded from the Writemage official website, and the mobile apps can be downloaded from the official website or App Store.

Writemage Pricing





$10 /mo

$11.87 /mo


  • 2 macOS devices
  • WriteMage iOS keyboard
  • Provide your own API key and have no word limit with us.
  • 4 macOS devices
  • WriteMage iOS keyboard
  • Eliminate the hassle and have us take care of API part. You just use it! (which includes 750,000 words monthly).
  • Provide your own API key and have no word limit with us


Is Writemage free?

No, Writemage is paid and users need to purchase a service to use it.

Writemage available for Windows and Android?

No, currently Writemage is only available for MacOS and iOS systems.

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