Vid2txt: ChatGPT-Based AI Transcription Assistant

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What is Vid2txt?

Vid2txt is an AI transcription tool created by Anthony Vdovitchenko, capable of transcribing video or audio content into readable text. Vid2txt provides users with fast and high-quality transcription services, making it ideal for journalists, students, content creators, or anyone else with transcription needs. Supporting a wide range of formats such as mp4, mp3, mov, mkv, wmv, flv, avi, wav, etc., Vid2txt effortlessly transcribes them into .txt, .srt, and .vtt text files that can be used offline. Currently only available for MacOS systems on desktop computers, the official information suggests that a Windows version of Vid2txt will be released soon, and there is a possibility of a mobile version as well.

Price: $10
Tag: AI Transcription Tool
Release time: None
Developer(s): Vid2txt

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Vid2txt Features

  • Transcribe the content of a Youtube video or podcast to text
  • Convert audio files into intuitive text form
  • Transcribe recorded academic lectures into freely editable text
  • Transcribe meeting content into accurate text
  • Transcribe TV shows, movies, and more into readable, visible text

Vid2txt APP

Vid2txt currently only has computer-side applications, which are only applicable to MacOS systems. Users can download them from Vid2txt official website.

Vid2txt Pricing

You need to pay to use Vid2txt, but you only need to pay once, and you can use it forever. Its price is 10 US dollars.


What file formats does Vid2txt support?

There are many formats supported by Vid2txt, such as mp4, mp3, mov, mkv, wmv, flv, avi, wav, etc. Vid2txt can easily transcribe them into text files such as .txt, .srt, and .vtt.

Is Vid2txt free?

No, it’s paid, only $10, and it doesn’t offer a free trial.

Is Vid2txt available for Windows?

No, Vid2txt is currently only available for MacOS systems.

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