Treebrain: ChatGPT-Based SEO Assistant

What is Treebrain?

Treebrain is an online AI article creation platform released in 2023 that generates high-quality SEO content to assist users in creating excellent articles. With a variety of features, such as keyword extraction, automatic outline structuring, content generation, and article refinement, Treebrain provides users with a wealth of tools to improve their writing process. Additionally, it can automatically create brief explanatory videos based on the topic of the article. By utilizing Treebrain, users can significantly enhance their speed and efficiency in creating blog posts, advertisements, emails, and other types of content.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI writer
Release time: 2023
Developer(s): Treebrain

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Treebrain AI Features

  • Extract keywords: Treebrain can extract the most core keywords for your articles.
  • Grammar correction: Treebrain can automatically detect the grammar of articles to help you avoid grammar mistakes.
  • Optimize the title: Treebrain can optimize the title of your article and improve the quality of the article.
  • Generate an outline: Treebrain can automatically generate a suitable outline based on your given topic.
  • Article polishing: Treebrain can automatically polish the article to ensure that the article can use the correct words and expressions.
  • Name generation: In addition to creating articles, Treebrain can also take a creative name for a product or project.
  • Video generation: Treebrain can generate short, high-quality explanatory videos on user’s article topics.
  • Support multiple languages: Treebrain supports the use of more than 30 languages.

Treebrain APP

Treebrain does not currently have a mobile app, only a web version. If you are interested in Treebrain, you can go to the Treebrain website to experience its powerful features.

Treebrain Pricing

Treebrain provides a variety of flexible price plans for users to choose from, to meet the needs of different groups of people to the greatest extent.







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  • 5,000 AI words
  •  5 AI images
  •  5 AI transcriptions
  • 40,000 AI words
  •  25 AI images
  •  40 AI transcriptions
  • 80,000 AI words
  •  50 AI images 80 AI transcriptions
  • API Access
  • 80,000 AI words
  •  50 AI images 80 AI transcriptions
  • API Access
  • 300,000 AI words
  • 100 AI images
  •  300 AI transcriptions
  • API Access
  • Custom AI words
  •  Custom AI images 
  •  Custom AI transcriptions
  • API Access


Is Treebrain free to use?

Yes, Treebrain has a free version, which is free for users. If you want to use more features, then you need to purchase a paid service.

What is Treebrain?

Treebrain is an AI-driven article generator that can automatically generate keywords, outline structure, and article content based on a given topic. It can also polish and optimize articles, such as changing words, adjusting word order, and checking punctuation.

What types of articles can Treebrain create?

Treebrain can create a variety of common articles, including blog posts, product descriptions, website tweets, and more.

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