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What is Socialbee?

SocialBee is a free AI post generator created by Ovi Negrean in 2016, which can help users create a variety of articles that are liked by users on social media. Users can choose the most suitable keywords from 1k ideas, which can provide more inspiration for future writing and improve the quality of articles. It also provides other features such as social media management, content customization, bulk editor and tag generator and other premium content for users.

Price: paid
Tag: Social Media
Release time: 2016
Developer(s): Ovi Negrean

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Socialbee Functions

  • AI Content Generation: Generate posts based on detailed prompts, summarize complex content, and easily create posts based on users’ product descriptions.
  • Content categories: organize user’s posts into different themed content folders and arrange them alternately to surprise user’s followers with fresh posts.
  • Image Alt Text: Make your social media posts accessible to everyone by adding alt text to SocialBee’s visuals.
  • Bulk Editor: Change multiple posts of a category at once, such as changing content, deleting, etc.

Socialbee APP

Socialbee currently does not have a mobile app, only a web version. If you are interested in Socialbee, you can go to the Socialbee website to experience its powerful functions.

Socialbee Pricing










  •  5 Social Accounts
  •  1 User per Workspace
  •  1 Workspace
  •  10 Social Accounts
  •  1 User per Workspace
  •  1 Workspace
  • 25 Social Accounts
  •  3 Users per Workspace
  •  5 Workspaces


What is SocialBee?

SocialBee is a social media management tool designed to help users create, schedule and share social posts from one place.It provides features such as AI post-generation and content creation, post-scheduling, analytics and collaboration tools to help users save time and simplify their social media marketing efforts.

Does SocialBee offer a free trial?

Yes, SocialBee offers a 14-day free trial for the Pro plan. This trial period allows users to test the features and functionality of the platform without committing to a paid subscription.

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