Robin-ai: AI Contract Generator Supporting Online Editing of Terms

What is Robin-ai?

Robin-ai is a contract generator released in 2019 that uses AI technology to support users to edit terms online. It not only provides users with a complete contract framework, but also provides users with functions such as drafting contracts, reviewing contracts, and searching for terms, which can help users turn fragmentary drafts into professional contracts in a short time. While improving the efficiency of contract generation, Robin-ai also protects the privacy of users, provides users with safer and more efficient AI contract generation services, and simplifies the cumbersome contract generation process.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI Contract Generator
Release time: 2019
Developer(s): Robin-ai

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Robin-ai Functions

  • Provide privacy protection function: users have the right to set who can view the contract, and Robin-ai will also pay attention to protecting the privacy of users.
  • Provide intelligent drafting function: users can use more flexible templates to draft contracts, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of drafting contracts.
  • Assisted by a professional team: Robin-ai has a professional lawyer team that can provide professional guidance for users to generate contracts.
  • Greatly reduce the error rate: Robin-ai uses machine learning to greatly reduce the error rate of the contract.

Robin-ai App

Robin-ai currently only provides a web version, allowing users to use it online. If you are interested in AI contract generation, you can go to its official website to learn more.

Robin-ai Pricing

At present, the official website does not provide clear pricing. If you want to use Robin-ai’s service, you can contact the service provider for more information. In addition, Robin-ai also provides a free trial service, you can also try it.


How long does it take Robin-ai to generate a complete contract?

Robin-ai typically generates a complete contract within a few hours.

How long does it take Robin-ai to generate contract reports?

Very fast, typically minutes to generate detailed contract reports.

What file formats does Robin-ai support?

Robin-ai supports PDF or DOCX files.

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