Rankpress: AI Autoblogging Assistant

What is Rankpress?

RankPress is an AI-powered WordPress and WooCommerce Autoblogging platform that was released in December 2022. It helps users create Amazon affiliate websites based on WooCommerce, as well as AI-generated blog articles. In January 2023, RankPress v2.0 was launched, which is capable of finding relevant product descriptions, reviews, images, and other information from Amazon, as well as crawling Google search result snippets and PAA Q&A to generate blog articles. RankPress also categorizes the generated blog content and allows users to adjust it. Additionally, RankPress v2.0 can use OpenAI tools for translation. Currently, RankPress supports 110 languages, including English, French, and German.

Price: Starting $290
Tag: AI autoblogging assistant
Release time: December 2022
Developer(s): Professionalize-it-to-me

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Rankpress Functions

  • Helps users create WooCommerce-based Amazon affiliate sites
    • Imports Amazon product ASIN ID
    • Compatible with multiple Amazon marketplaces
    • Includes product related Youtube videos
    • Includes product-related PAA questions and answers
  • Creates a WordPress “Google Snippet + PAA” Autoblog Site
    • Automatically create blog posts by scraping Google search result snippets and PAA Q&A
    • Generated blog posts can be tweaked at will
    • According to the generated blog content, tag classification can be automatically performed
    • Supports multiple languages
  • Other functions
    • Supports various template variables
    • Supports for customizing hints and model settings from the UI

Rankpress APP

Currently Rankpress only has a web version for users to use online. You can go to the Rankpress website  and let Rankpress automatically generate blog posts for you.

Rankpress Pricing

There is a fee to use Rankpress, which provides users with two pricing plans, namely a monthly plan and a permanent plan.








When was Rankpress 2.0 released?

The Rankpress 2.0 version will be launched in January 2023.

What languages ​​does Rankpress support?

RankPress currently supports 110 languages ​​including English, French, and German.

How is Rankpress priced?

Rankpress provides users with two pricing plans, the monthly plan and the permanent plan. The monthly plan is $290 per month and the perpetual plan is $1290.

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