NovelAI: An AI Online Writing Assistant that Generates Images

The application of AI technology has spread across various industries, have you ever considered using AI technology to help you write articles? With the help of Novel AI’s artificial intelligence algorithm, anyone, regardless of their technical level, can publish high-quality literary works! Novel AI has recently launched a new image generation service, where images can be generated based on text, increasing the interest of the article and allowing you to unleash your creativity!

What is NovelAI?

Novel AI is an online novel writing assistant developed by Anlatan Inc, based in the United States. It was released as a test version on June 15, 2021. Its main features include AI-assisted writing, creating romantic or exciting stories, and providing virtual companionship.The Novel AI playground can create content based on your input, maintain your perspective and style, and help you improve your writing. The AI technology, trained on natural language models, enables everyone to turn their ideas into high-quality literary works. On October 3, 2022, Novel AI introduced the online text-to-image generation feature. Anlatan Inc. claims that the generated images are the personal property of the users and that the images will not be stored on their servers, effectively protecting users’ privacy.

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The Feature of NovelAI

  • Generates new plot, characters and setting based on user’s preferences
  • The NovelAI server is encrypted, effectively preventing the leak of user personal information and created works
  • The color scheme, font and size of the editor can be changed at will
  • The NovelAI Diffusion Anime image generation experience is stunning and a creative tool provided to users to freely depict their vision
  • You can use the NovelAI Diffusion Furry (beta) to make anthropomorphic animal-themed content
  • The NovelAI Text to Image Generator tool is supported by Stable Diffusion
  • Users can write in the style of their favorite authors such as Stephen King or William Shakespeare

Examples of NovelAI Writing

  • My Personable Demon
  • Between the Spark and the Burn
  • A Demonic Prayer
  • Swipe Right for Vampire: An AI Parody Romance Novel (the first AI novel with romance).
  • The Story of Your Life
  • A Thousand Generations
  • Half-Love
  • The Distinguished Predicament

How to use NovelAI

To Register for a NovelAI Account

  1. Go to the NovelAI website
  2. Locate the NovelAI register link at the top
  3. Enter your email and password, and click the start writing button
  4. Verify the validity of your email address
  5. Log in to your NovelAI account and start writing.

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Use NovelAI to Write

  1. First, go to the official website . Here, you will see three modes to choose from
  2. Then select the mode that interests you the most, tell a story, generate a picture, or embark on a text adventure. Let’s use storyteller as an example
  3. Enter text in the designated area and click the send button in the lower right corner
  4. Just a moment, NovelAI will help you refine your story. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can click the retry  button to rebuild your story

The images generated by NovelAI are predominantly in the style of Japanese manga, and this is a paid service. If you wish to experience it, you need to purchase a package first (refer to the price table for specifics)


NovelAI Lorebook

The NovelAI Lorebook is a pre-created collection of NovelAI prompts that can be used as a reference when one lacks inspiration in their writing. Information can be found in a Novelai Reddit post.

The Price of NovelAI

The basic version of NovelAI is free, but there are limitations and the image generation feature is not available. Please refer to the table for specific pricing information.


Free Trial





  • Access to Euterpe, our Second Best AI Storyteller
  • 100 Free Text Generations*
  • 2048 Tokens of Memory
  • 100 Free AI TTS Generations
  • Access to Euterpe, our Second Best AI Storyteller
  • Unlimited Text Generations
  • 1024 Tokens of Memory
  • 1000 Anlas
  • Advanced AI TTS
  • Image Generation
  • Access to Euterpe, our Second Best AI Storyteller
  • Unlimited Text Generations
  • 2048 Tokens of Memory
  • 1000 Anlas
  • Advanced AI TTS
  • Image Generatio
  • Access to Krake, our Best AI Storyteller
  • Unlimited Text Generations
  • 2048 Tokens of Memory
  • 10,000 Anlas
  • Access to new Experimental Features
  • Advanced AI TTS
  • Image Generation

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