Napkin: An Ai Collection Tool For Recording Inspiration Anytime And Anywhere

What is Napkin?

Napkin is an AI smart tool that helps users collect, record, and expand thinking and ideas. It integrates many functions, such as: iphone application, Chrome extension, Readwise integration, etc., which makes it very convenient for users to use. Napkin can also record according to users Inspiration automatically sends out inspiration ideas in many different directions for users’ reference. The existence of Napkin makes users full of inspiration every day and can record it at any time. When recording, they will not be distracted by other things, which greatly improves the user’s recording efficiency.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI Record
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): Napkin

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Napkin Functions

  • Record creative ideas anytime, anywhere without organizing, AI will automatically help you find the records you want.
  • It can continuously expand and diverge new perspectives and combinations of ideas through users’ inspiration records.
  • Whether writing articles or recording inspiration, Napkin allows users to collect and organize them in a very interesting way.

Napkin APP

Napkin currently does not have a mobile app, only a web version. If you are interested in this software, you can also go to the Napkin website to experience its powerful functions.

Napkin Pricing

Napkin is available for free, but some features may require subscription fees or in-app purchases, the following are its subscription purchase fees:







per month


per year




  • Web clipper, iPhone collect app and Readwise connection for easy input
  • Personalized AI connecting your collected ideas
  • Inspiring daily playlists of your ideas
  • Everything in monthly plan
  • Three 1on1 onboarding calls to get you started
  • Everything in yearly plan - for a lifetime
  • Boost our development speed


Why does Napkin work best in the Chrome browser?

Because Napkin strictly focuses on development work, it no longer pays attention to browser compatibility for better performance, so as to reduce additional development and testing work. This enables the R&D team to improve Napkin more quickly.

Why are the notecards in Napkin so small?

Because Napkin wants to remind users to condense the core meaning of the notes they wrote down.

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