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What is Miro-AI?

Miro-AI is an online whiteboard tool that can provide individuals or teams with creative functions such as mind map-style idea generation, sporadic idea summary, picture generation based on user ideas, and story continuation. Miro-AI is currently in the beta stage. The tool was developed and produced in 2017 and is planned to be launched in March 2023. You can use the beta version of the software, and the use of the beta version is completely free. This tool is suitable for individuals, teams, businesses, education and non-profit organizations, etc.

Price: None
Tag: Productivity
Release time: 2017
Developer(s): None

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Miro-AI Functions

  • It can expand the user’s thinking and automatically expand the keywords entered by the user into mind-map-like inspiration
  • Summarize the keywords of the user just now and compress the inspiration of AI intelligent expansion, and summarize it into a text with feasible suggestions.
  • Turn text into code, and create achievable program code by simply writing text
  • Imagine a short text from the user to generate an image associated with it


Miro-AI is an application software developed for mobile users. Miro-AI APP can be downloaded to mobile devices such as iOS and Android for use

Miro-AI Pricing

The service provided by Miro-AI is not free, but currently the tool offers a free trial.


How can I access the Miro-AI beta?

Register on the official website page and submit a test request to gain access. Once admitted, the official will send an email to the user. The beta version will be available starting March 9, 2023.

What functions does the Beta version provide?

Miro-AI can use a variety of objects, including sticky notes, cards, code blocks, sequence diagrams and mind maps. For details, you can visit the help center on the official website, and more functions will be launched soon.

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