Lately-Ai: Ai Social Media Article Generator

What is Lately-ai?

Lately-ai is an artificial intelligence generator that can help users repurpose long-form text, video, audio and automatically generate social media articles that are of interest to the audience. It can help users save a lot of time wasted watching articles and videos, and the articles and social media management it generates can also save users a lot of worry, so as to help users save more time for more valuable content creation.

Price: Starting $29
Tag: AI text creation
Developer(s): Lately-ai

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Lately-ai Functions

  • Lately-ai can create and design media content in a targeted manner, and gain more audience’s love through novel writing methods.
  • Lately-ai can automatically decompose any long article, video, or audio into dozens of key points, and create a new post for each point independently.
  • The writing style of the post generated by Lately-ai can be changed according to the user’s style, so that the articles generated by Lately-ai are very close to the style written by the user himself.
  • Lately-ai can intelligently analyze the key information that brand audiences really want to watch and understand, and introduce them emphatically.

Lately-ai APP

Lately-ai currently does not have a mobile app, only a web version for users to use online. If you are interested in this software, you can also go to the Lately-ai website to experience its powerful functions.

Lately-ai Pricing

The functions of Lately-ai require subscription payment or in-app purchase, the following is its subscription purchase fee:










  • Text only
  • AI-recommended hashtags
  • Single user
  • Email support
  • Connect only 1 social account
  • Everything in Startly plus:
  • Video clips and audiograms
  • AI-assisted scheduling (no calendar)
  • Single user
  • Email support
  • Connect 1 social account per platform (up to 4 total)
  • Everything in Litely plus:
  • Captioning
  • Up to 3 users*
  • Priority support
  • Connect up to 5 social accounts per platform (up to 20 total)
  • Intro & outro videos


What kind of long-form content does Lately's AI generate?

Run any type of long-form content through Lately’s AI and it’ll be sliced ​​into dozens of high-performance social posts. Lately’s AI will also create social posts on its own based on the long-form content you provide, using the unique writing model it creates for your voice or brand.

Will Lately's AI generate social posts based on video and audio?

Yes! Lately’s AI generates social posts from text, video, and audio.

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