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What is Kickresume?

Kickresume is an advanced online tool for creating professional resumes, cover letters, and personal websites. Utilizing AI technology, it offers users an efficient way to craft documents crucial for job applications. Kickresume’s AI Resume Builder empowers job seekers to create impressive resumes quickly with customizable templates, enhancing their chances of getting noticed by potential employers​​.

Kickresume Details

Price: Free or starting at $5.36/mo
Tags: AI Writing Generator, AI Resume Builder
Release Time: 2013
Developers: Peter Ďuriš

Key Features of Kickresume

  1. AI Resume and Cover Letter Writers: Generates resumes and cover letters using GPT-4 technology​​.
  2. Customizable Templates: Professionally designed resume and cover letter templates, optimized for ATS software​​.
  3. Resume Checker: Instant feedback on resumes to identify improvement areas​​.
  4. Website Builder: Converts resumes into personal websites for online visibility​​.
  5. Pyjama Jobs: A feature to match users with remote jobs​​.
  6. Kickresume Autopilot: Assembles resumes using pre-written phrases for various job titles​​.
  7. LinkedIn Data Import: Simplifies resume creation using LinkedIn profiles​​.
  8. Mobile Resume Building App: Facilitates resume building on mobile devices​​.

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