Jenni AI: A Superb AI Online Writing Assistant

What is Jenni AI?

Jenni AI is one of the best AI Online Writing Assistants currently on the market, using the Jenni AI system, OpenAI, AI 21 and custom data from each user to generate high-quality writing content, developed by the Jenni AI team in 2022 . Since the launch of the product, Jenni AI has written more than 350 million words and has more than 720k users, ranking first among similar products.

Price: Free
Tag: AI Writing Assistant,AI Writing Generator,AI Story Generator
Release time: 2022
Users: 720k+
Developer: Jenni AI

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Jenni AI Features

  • Free Trial Length
  • Various writing modes such as blog posts, essays, emails, etc.
  • AI Autocomplete: Write with you to overcome writing bottlenecks
  • Support for choosing a personalized tone and writing style for the AI
  • Essay writing assistant: Jenni AI supports access to the latest research, which you can cite as you write.

Jenni AI Pricing

The price of Jenni AI is based on the number of written words per month.















How to Login in Jenni AI?

  1. Open Jenni AI official website
  2. Click Log in in the upper right corner
  3. Use your email or google to register or log in.
  4. If you are registering for the first time, you need to click Sign up below to create an account.
  5. After creating an account, the webpage will automatically jump to the tutorial interface.
  6. After completing or skipping the tutorial, the web page will automatically jump to the home page of your Jenni AI account, and the registration is complete.
  7. After registration, you can log in to your account using the steps above.

How to Use Jenni AI?

  1. Enter Jenni AI, log in your previously registered account.
  2. Click Content Settings in the upper right corner to change the personalized settings of AI Writing Assistant.
  3. Enter your title or keywords in the text box on the page. Hit Enter to get AI’s writing suggestions.
  4. You can write according to the instruction of AI or adjust the AI generated content.

Jenni AI Reviews

Christophe Vallerd: Jenni AI has increased my writing speed up to 10 times than before.

Morto Clouter: I’ve used Jenni AI to generate 5 blogs.No one tells that they come from AI.

Niko Simpler: We can generate different kinds of articles.Powerful tool.


Is there mobile support?

Now we can only use Jenni on website.Of course you can open a website of Jenni AI on your mobile phone,too.

Is Jenni AI Safe?

Unless we get the permission from you,or none of your articles or words would be used for any use.

Does Jenni AI generate 100% original contents?

Jenni tries to generate 100% pure contents for you.However,it happens that some sentences may come from the Internet.

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