Genius AI: AI Typing Assistant for IPhone

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What is Genius AI?

Genius AI is a smart keyboard software on iOS system created by Corwin Buzzard on March 9, 2023, which uses AI to help users type faster, more accurately, and with style. It aims to be a personalized artificial intelligence assistant that can provide answers or inspiration. It can not only provide grammar input and word spelling error correction, provide word input prediction, but also provide emoji and GIF usage suggestions. Genius AI greatly enhances your keyboard experience.

Price: Free
Tag: AI typing assistant
Release time: March 9, 2023
Developer(s): Corwin Buzzard

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Genius AI Function

  • Helps you correct grammatical errors and misspelled words.
  • Provide word prediction and sentence prediction.
  • Help you choose the right emoji or GIF picture.
  • Provide a more convenient typing experience.
  • Save your typing time.

Genius AI APP

Genius AI is an iPhone app that can be found on the App Store.

Genius AI Pricing

Genius AI is a free smart keyboard typing tool, it can be downloaded for free on the App Store.


What is Genius AI?

Genius AI is an intelligent typing assistant, it has a variety of functions to enhance the user’s typing experience.

Is it free?

Yes, it is free for users to use.

Can Android use it?

No, this is for the iOS system only.

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