GenChat: A Text Summarizer That Supports AI Chat And Image Generation

What is GenChat?

GenChat by Genforge is an online AI text summarizer that helps users quickly summarize lengthy articles. With just the article uploaded, GenChat can quickly scan the text and extract key information. In addition, GenChat supports AI chat, allowing users to ask detailed questions about the article, and it generates responses to help users efficiently read the document. Furthermore, GenChat can also generate images related to the article. It is available for use on WhatsApp and Slack, and integrates with Google Drive.

Price: Starting $4.99
Tag: AI Summarizer
Developer(s): GenChat

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GenChat Functions

  • enChat can help users quickly read a large number of text files.
  • GenChat can help users summarize the key information in long articles, up to 100 pages of PDF files can be summarized.
  • Users can ask GenChat questions via text or audio, and it generates an immediate response.
  • GenChat is able to generate images related to text content.

GenChat App

GenChat currently only provides a web version, allowing users to use it online. If you are interested in it, you can go to the GenChat website to learn more.

GenChat Pricing

GenChat provides users with three price plans, please refer to the table below for details.








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  • Image generation at your fingertips
  • Document summarization for 2 PDFs up to 50 pages
  • 50 documents a month, up to 150 pages
  • Access to new feature releases

Custom solutions, larger documents and advanced AI capabilities


How is GenChat different from normal article summarizers?

Genforge supports AI chat, which allows users to ask detailed questions about articles, and can also generate images related to articles.

What software can GenChat be used with?

GenChat is available for WhatsApp and Slack, and supports integration with Google Drive.

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