Flowrite: An Splendid AI E-mail Writing Assistant

What is Flowrite?

Flowrite is an AI E-mail Writing Assistant based on AIGC technology, developed by the Flowrite team in 2021. Flowrite can automatically generate professional and patterned emails for users, and provides thousands of templates that can be referenced and applied. Flowrite helps you write your everyday emails up to 5x faster than usual on Google Chrome.

Price: €15/mo
Tag: AI Writing Assistant
Release time: 2021
Developer: Flowrite

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Flowrite Features

  • Free 30-day trial duration
  • Write faster by converting instructions into emails and messages
  • Generate emails with the right tone and format
  • Generate drafts with one click and find the right words for any situation
  • Automatically corrects English formatting, spelling and grammar

Flowrite Pricing

Headlime is free for personal trial for 30 days and provide business plan.





Billed monthly



Billed annually


Unlimited usage rights

Flowrite APP Download

Currently, the only way to use Flowrite is through its Chrome extension. You need to be logged into your Flowrite account to download the Chrome extension. See below for login instructions.

How to Login in Flowrite?

  1. Open Flowrite official website
  2. Click Try for free in the upper right corner.
  3. Click Install the extension.
  4. Sign in with your google account. The webpage will automatically jump to the Flowrite interface of the chrome application store, click add to chrome and agree to the pop-up prompt of the webpage.
  5. After the download is complete, the webpage will automatically jump to the homepage of your Flowrite Chrome extension and a tutorial will appear, and the registration is complete.

How to Use Flowrite?

  1. Go to Flowrite and log in to your previously registered account.
  2. Click the Write column to use keywords or instructions to complete interactive writing with AI. You can enter keywords in the text box or click the command below, and then click Generate an outreach to generate outreach text.
  3. Click AI templates to apply AI templates.
  4. You can write as the AI ​​dictates, or make tweaks to the AI-generated text.

Flowrite Reviews

Caprice Neals: Once you learn how to use it, the time savings in writing emails is obvious.

Aaryan Salman: I mainly use it on Gmail and LinkedIn for recruiting related messages and it’s very useful.

Jonatan Håkansson: The new way of writing with Flowrite also helps me focus more and more on what the key message should be in each email, and it gives me creative ideas.


In what languages is Flowrite available?

Flowrite currently only supports writing in English.

Is Flowrite Safe?

The text you upload and generate will not be publicly used for any purpose unless you allow it yourself.

On which Explorer can I use Flowrite?

Flowrite is currently only supported as an extension on google chrome.

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