Embolden: The Fastest AI Writing Assistant

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What is Embolden?

Embolden is a human-driven intelligent writing assistant. The purpose of the software is to make writing easier and faster. It can create content ten times faster, saving users a lot of time to conceive other content. Embolden comes with more than 50 writing tools, such as product description generator, email writer, Facebook post generator, Instagram post generator, etc., which can quickly and easily generate high-quality articles for publication.

Price: Paid
Tag: Marketing
Release time: Dec, 29, 2022
Developer(s): Embolden

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Embolden Functions

  • Transform from tedious, time-consuming copywriting to AI intelligent model generation engaging context or full article writing.
  • Embolden comes with more than 50 writing tools to meet any type of article writing users want.
  • Embolden can intelligently generate appropriate context based on text fragments without worrying about formatting or structure.

Embolden APP

There is no mobile app yet, only the web version. If you are interested in Embolden, you can go to the Embolden website to experience its powerful features.

Embolden Pricing

The service provided is not free, but currently the tool offers a free trial. Some features may require subscription payment or in-app purchases. The following are its two subscription purchase fees, with STARTER and PRO options:





$ 21/month

$ 42/month


  • Access to starter tools
  • Customer support
  • 20,000 words / month
  • Access to all tools (including starter tools)
  • Customer support
  • 400,000 words / month


How does artificial intelligence generate content?

AI is able to analyze user input and generate content based on factors such as the tone and style of the copy, the target audience, and the intended purpose of the content. It is also able to pull content from a vast database of existing copy to create the most relevant and engaging content.

What is the AI ​​used in Embolden?

The AI ​​used in Embolden is GPT-3, a sophisticated natural language processing engine capable of understanding the context of text and generating optimized, relevant copy based on user input.

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